10 Places to visit, celebrate during Christmas 2022 in Singapore

Christmas celebrations include the One 15 Christmas Boat Light Parade, a themed light show at Vivocity Singapore, a delicious Christmas meal at Capella Singapore, and many other events.

An annual celebration of unity, giving, and hope takes place during Christmas in Singapore. Of course, this celebration takes the form of extravagant Christmas festivities, attractions, activities, markets, and much more. You’ll want to spend your next Christmas there after learning more about how Singaporeans celebrate.

10 Places to visit and celebrate during Christmas 2022 in Singapore

1. Orchard Road lights up during Christmas every year

  • The well-known shopping area known as Orchard Road best embodies Christmas in Singapore. Heart-stopping Christmas decorations are always erected on Orchard Road. “Christmas in Bloom” served as this year’s theme and represented the desire for things to return to normal.
  • Tanglin Road to Plaza Singapura was 3.1 kilometers long and covered with flashing lights and floral displays. Numerous tourists were drawn in by the displays’ glistening appeal throughout the day. In fact, it has also been reported that during the evening, everything appeared to be magical.
  • Everyone was able to enjoy the celebrations of the Lunar New Year and Christmas in this crowded area of Singapore, and they also had the opportunity to shop nonstop.
  • Location: Central area of Singapore

2. Christmas Wonderland

  • It is a must-visit if you’re a fan of the joyous Christmas light displays. Everyone can get into the holiday spirit and enjoy carnival activities, festive performances, delectable sweets, and more at Singapore’s largest holiday festival.
  • taking pictures at the 21-meter-tall, 103,000-light Spalliera, which is instagrammable because of its size. Santa Claus Meet and Greet.
  • Take a ride on Singapore’s first double-story Venetian horse carousel. Holiday Huts where you may eat delicious treats.
  • Location: Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

3. View the illuminations at Changi Airport Connector and Jurassic Mile

  • Go to Terminals 3 and 4 of Changi Airport to see the merriest Christmas in Singapore. You’ll see a stunning show of lights right here. You will enjoy the kaleidoscopic displays of floral patterns and Christmas light corridors that span 5 kilometers.
  • If you go to the Jurassic Mile, you can see the Dinosaurs’ Christmas performance, where they are decked out in holiday garb and have a windmill put up right next to them. The area here has been brightened with ornaments, neon signs, and holiday lights.
  • You may make this Christmas special by going night karting at Dino Kart, letting the kids ride on the back of a massive Brontosaurus, or just relaxing in one of the glamping tents in the transit area.
  • Location- Airport Blvd., Singapore.

4. Blooming Seasons at Gardens by the Bay

  • The year’s last floral show, Seasons of Bloom, also happens to be Gardens by the Bay’s tenth anniversary. Visitors can take in the different flower seasons that Flower Dome has offered over the past ten years, including cyclamens for winter, delphiniums for summer, and snapdragons for spring.
  • In the middle of the flower field, everything holiday-related will take center stage as Christmas gets closer. Watch out for the poinsettia-based Christmas tree and the ice cavern cottages with lovely seasonal blooms that have been poignantly “frozen” in icicles; these are the results of an innovative partnership with Ikebana International Singapore.
  • Location: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

5. Pinkmas at the Ice Cream Museum

  • At, a candy-pink sugar fantasy devoted to everyone’s favorite frozen delicacy, there are sweet delicacies galore! This delicious museum, which is from the US, has 14 immersive and multi-sensory displays, a huge rainbow sprinkles pit, and all the ice cream you can eat. It should go without saying that kids will love it.
  • The Museum of Ice Cream is decked out for the holidays this year with large bows and Christmas decorations all over. It will also have a cafe where you can indulge in holiday goodies like eggnog, gingerbread milkshakes, or Christmas sundaes, as well as seasonal flavors like Pink Peppermint (delicious).
  • Location: 100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837

6.Christmas Light-Up Tour on a Big Bus in Singapore

  • You will travel by open-top bus through three areas, Tanglin, Orchard, and Somerset, to view the glistening fairy lights and spectacular assortment of holiday decorations.
  • There will be 31 nights of the Big Bus Singapore Christmas Light-Up Tour starting at the BIG BUS & DUCK Tourist Hub at Suntec City from 18 November to 25 December 2022.

7. Learn about Changi Festive Village

  • Visit the Changi Festive Village for all the holiday excitement if you want to see the whimsical charm of Christmas in Singapore. You can see an indoor electric go-kart track here, a 12-meter-long brachiosaurus at the third terminal, and a dinosaur-themed bounce house with a fun funfair at the fourth terminal.
  • A lit-up route on the Changi Airport Connector allows you to take beautiful photos against backdrops of well-known foreign locations. If you have time, you may always go to the Jewel Changi Airport to stay in a glamping tent and take pictures next to a 16-meter-tall Christmas tree.
  • Location- Change airport, 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666

8. Experiences at Brass Lion Distillery for Christmas

  • Delectable welcome cocktail for Christmas. led through a flight of three different alcohol tastings. This holiday season, broaden your taste with Brass Lion Distillery’s Christmas adventures.
  • Bring a Christmas cracker with a basic package for making the ideal Gin & Tonic at home. Practical practice constructing, mixing, and muddling two cocktails.
  • Location: 40 Alexandra Terrace, Singapore 119933

9. Have a Look at the Lights on the Waterfront

  • Observing the Christmas decorations, baubles, and starry lights at Marina Bay is one of the most fun things to do in Singapore. As you stroll down Marina Bay’s waterfront promenade, you may see as many as 30 Christmas trees, some with cutting-edge decorations and others with more traditional ones.
  • These trees are a part of the 2021 ChariTrees project, which will keep them lit through December 26. Your heart will beat faster as you see these shimmering trees, which symbolize the spirit of giving. This waterfront region transforms into a wonderful realm on Christmas Eve because it appears a thousand times more charming than it actually is.

10. Universal Studios Singapore

  • Visit Santa’s Circus Extravaganza, Singapore’s most joyous parade, which has 42 performers headed by Ringmaster Santa and gigantic floats. Your buddies the Minions from Illumination, Po, Tigress, Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond from DreamWorks Animation will also attend the party.
  • Along with the great assortment of circus characters who will perform spectacular performances, live singing, and incredible acrobatics, there will also be themed photo booths.
  • Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

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