Best 7 food stalls in Shenton House, Singapore: Available food types, Why it is best

Shenton House is a commercial structure on Shenton Way. On its first two levels, there is plenty of wonderful food to eat. The Downtown MRT station is a 5-minute walk away. The first-level stalls are rather well-shaded, so it’s also quite cool. After visiting all of the stalls at Shenton House.

Best 7 food stalls in Shenton House

1. Makansutra Gluttons Bay

  • This location has a few hawker stands lined up, not the largest hawker center but adequate.
  • Lots of choices here with great food.
  • They have a wide variety of foods to pick from. It was difficult to pick what to get because everything sounded so nice.
  • Black and White Carrot Cake.
  • Timing: Daily 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Address:#01-15, Singapore 039802, City Hall, Bayfront

2. Tofu Lane

  • Tofu Lane is one of the CBD’s greatest yong tau foo stalls. The food never fails to impress because the ingredients are all so fresh and tasty.
  • Tofu Lane is well-known for its huge, snaking lines during the weekday lunch hour.
  • Tofu of the highest quality. Made in Brick Lane, London, with the highest quality organic soya beans and traditional methods. It is fresh and unpasteurized and may be eaten directly from the pack in a salad or stir-fried. It is suitable for both soft and hard tofu recipes.

Address: #02-14, Shenton House, Singapore 068805,Singapore, Tanjong Pagar

3. Hello Food Fish Soup

  • The soup has a generous amount of fish slices, which always taste delicious and soft.
  • The tomato in the soup adds a lovely peppery flavor to the overall flavor.
  • Overall, this is a filling bowl of fish soup with plenty of juicy fish pieces and a well-balanced flavor.
  • Address: 3 Shenton Way #01-03 Shenton House 068805


4. Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine

  • It is an Indian restaurant specializing in traditional north Indian cuisine.
  • It has grown in popularity among local and expat Indians working in the CBD. However, many non-Indians frequent the restaurant to sample the wonderful and flavorful Indian cuisine.
  • The grainy biriyani rice was well cooked, with just the proper amount of bite and an enticing aromatic flavor.
  • Address: 3 Shenton Way #02-11 Shenton House 068805
  • Timing: Mon to Fri: 11 am – 3 pm

5. Olive 

  • Olive’s is a Western-style bistro serving delectable comfort food. You can order 1 main course (Chicken Chop, Roast Chicken, Chicken Cutlet, Fish Cutlet, Baked Fish), 2 sides (Butter Rice, Wedges, Mashed Potato, Coleslaw, etc.), and 1 sauce from the Western menu (Brown Sauce, Garlic Cream, Hot Salsa, Spicy Asian).
  • While the cuisine may lack the presentation flare of a high-end restaurant, it is definitely good comfort food that never fails to delight the palate.
  • Address: 3 Shenton Way #02-12 Shenton House 068805
  • Timing: Mon to Fri : 7.30am – 4pm

6. Gaurantee Good Nasi Padang

  • Shenton House’s Nasi Padang is located at the far end of level two and serves superb Nasi Padang at a very reasonable price. This stall is a favorite with CBD workers.
  • a filling rice dish with savoury curry veggies, spicy curry fishballs, crisp salty peanuts, and the delectable juicy drumstick. The cost is also quite low.
  • Address: 3 Shenton Way #02-06 Shenton House 068805

7. Yi Ding Hao Hainanese Chicken Rice

  • The gleaming chicken skin has a very smooth texture and delicious flavor.
  • Enjoy the chicken rice which is aromatic and savoury.
  • Address: 3 Shenton Way #02-08 Shenton House 068805

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