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Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange in Singapore Address, Phone, Website, Hours

The digital asset space is evolving at a breakneck pace. To keep up with such rapid technological innovation requires an equally forward-thinking and agile approach. Bitfinex provides state-of-the-art digital asset trading services for their users and global liquidity providers.

You can buy or sell / trade crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink, etc. Refer the below table for the list of crypto coins available with Bitfinex.

Bitfinex is a crypto platform where you can trade and invest in crypto currency.

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How to create an account at Bitfinex ( Cryptocurrency?

  1. Create Your Free Account here
  2. Register with your name, phone number and email

Take advantage of our low fees, low spreads, low prices, and feature-packed app to unlock your trading & investing potential today.

Download the Bitfinex app on Android and iOS!

  • For Android users, download here
  • For iOS (Apple) users, download here

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How to check / view your balance in Bitfinex?

You can check / view all your assets and balances through Bitfinex

  1. Once you have logged in, you can check the balances and all your assets in the dashboard.

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What are the list of crypto currencies available at Bitfinex Singapore?

As of 20 th October 2021, the below are the list of cryptocurrencies available with Bitfinex


0Chain BTSE Everipedia Near pUNI on EOS Uniswap
0x Callisto Exordium NEO pUOS on EOS Unus Sed LEO
1INCH Cardano ADA Fantom NEXO pYFI on EOS Unus Sed LEO (EOS)
AAVE Celsius Fetch.AI Oasis (Rose) pZRX on EOS Unus Sed LEO (ERC20)
ADD CERTIK Filecoin OCEAN protocol QASH USDc
Algorand ChainLink FORTH Odem QRDO USDt (Algorand)
AllianceBlock CHEX Fractal OmiseGO Qtum USDt (EOS)
Ampleforth CNHTE Omni Quantfury USDt (ETH)
Anchor Compound FunFair ORS RADIX USDt (Omni)
Aragon Cosmos-Atom Gate.IO Oxygen RBTC USDt (Tron)
Atidium CryptoFranc Gnosis pANT on EOS REEF USDTBCH
Augur Dai Stablecoin Golem ParkinGO RenrenBit USDTDVF
Avalanche Dash Hermez Paxos Request Network USDTHEZ
Axie Infinity Decentraland Human pBAL on EOS RingX USDTOMG
B21 Decred ICE pBAND on EOS Ripple USDTSOL
Balancer Dfinity Iota pBAT on EOS Santiment USL
Bancor Digibyte Jasmy pBTC on EOS SHIB Utopia
Bank wire Dora Kleros pCOMP on EOS Chiliz VeChain
Basic Attention Token Dusk Network Kusama pDAI on EOS Solana VELO
BCH ABC Chain Split Token Elrond Kyber pEOS on ETH Stakenet VEN
BCH Node Chain Split Token Enjin Litecoin pETH on EOS Status Verge
Bitcoin EOS Loopring PLANETS Stellar Lumen V-SYSTEMS
Bitcoin (Lightning Network) EOSDT LUNA pLINK on EOS Storj WAVES
Bitcoin (Liquid) E-RADIX Lympo pLRC on EOS Streamr WAX
Bitcoin Cash Essentia Magic Internet Money pLTC on EOS SUKU Wrapped Bitcoin
Bitcoin Gold ETH2P Maker pLTC on ETH SUN XAUTe
Bitcoin SV ETH2R MATIC (Polygon) Pluton SUSHI XEC
BitKan ETH2X MCS pMKR on EOS SwissBorg XinFin
Bitpanda Ethereum MEET.ONE pNetwork Synthetix Network Xriba
BitTorrent Ethereum Classic MegaDOGE Polkadot TerraUST Yearn.Finance
Blockpass Ethfinex Nectar Token Melon pOMG on EOS Tezos Zcash
BLOCKv ETP Mirror Protocol pPNK on EOS The Graph Zilliqa
BnkToTheFuture EURS Mobilecoin pPNT on EOS TRON
Boson Token EURt (ETH) Monero pREP on EOS TrueUSD
BridgeMutual Everest (ID) Multiverse (AI) pSNX on EOS Ultra

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