BluePass Token Singapore: What is it? How to use? Where to use?

What is BluePass Token 2.0 in Singapore?

  1. BluePass Token is a device generally designed for COVID 19 contact tracing purpose.
  2. BluePass Token detects the near by device of another BluePass Tokens, TraceTogether Tokens, Mobile phones with TraceTogether app.
  3. All the work pass holders must wear BluePass Token all the times.
  4. BluePass Token is a waterproof device.

Who needs to use BluePass Token in Singapore?

Work pass holders who works in the field of

  • construction,
  • marine shipyard or
  • process sectors and
  • who stays in dormitories.

How and where to get BluePass Token in Singapore?

Those who stays in dormitories must contact the dormitory operator to get the token.

Those who stays in Factory-Converted Dormitories FCDs, Construction Temporary Quarters CTQs, TOLs or Private Residential Premises PRPs must collect the token from

1. Kranji Recreation Centre

11 Kranji Close, Singapore 737673

2. Terusan Recreation Centre

1 Jalan Papan, Singapore 619392

What if Blue Pass Token has lost or damaged

Report to the dormitory operator or contact the above mentioned address.

For more information, please visit

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