Changi Boardwalk Singapore

Changi Boardwalk Singapore is a popular holiday chalet, with clubs dotting the beach.

Phone: +65 1800 471 7300

Address: 7A Gosport Rd, Singapore 509710

What’s inside Changi Boardwalk Singapore

  • Creek Walk

Before beginning the hike, look to your left for light green multi-branched bushes known as Sea Lettuce. People are transported to and from the offshore islands by bumboats. Sea stars and crabs are visible during low tide.

  • Beach Walk

Enjoy the beautiful seaside sights. Look for the liana or woody climber known as Maiden’s Jealousy.

  • Sailing Point walk

From a high vantage point, the yachts anchored here can be seen. This is an excellent location for wide views of the sea or watching sailboats pass by. The Black-naped Tern is a bird you might see here as well as at Creek Walk and Beach Walk.

  • Cliff walk

If you linger along this gloomy, lush stretch, you could think you’re deep in the woods. The boardwalk follows the land’s terrain and contours. Trees and boulders that had been here for years were left alone, right next to the walkway.

  • Kelong Walk

The boardwalk continues into the water on this length. It’s built on stilts that look like kelongs, evoking memories of kelong days gone by. The pavilions along this boardwalk are popular with anglers both day and night.

  • Sunset walk

The Sunset Walk offers a spectacular view of the sunset at Changi Point’s western edge, set against a backdrop of massive boulders.

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Attractions at Changi Boardwalk Singapore

  • In the Straits of Johor, estuarine crocodiles have been observed swimming freely.
  • Camping is not allowed on Changi Boardwalk
  • Sea Hibiscus is a yellow flower that grows 15m tall.
  • Air Simpoh The plant can live for 50 to 100 years if it is in bloom every day of its existence.
  • Changi Beach Club along the shore

Nearby Bus Stops

  • 109,2,29,59,9

Nearby Metro

  • Loyang Ave – Opp Maranatha B-P CH (99031)
  • Cranwell Rd – Aft Old Pier Rd (99079)

Nearby Taxi

  • Changi city point taxi stand

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