EZ Link Vending Machine Locations (Bus interchange/Malls/MRT) in Singapore. How to buy / purchase at EZ Link Vending machine?

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Where to find EZ Link Vending Machine at Bus interchange in Singapore?

Where to find EZ Link Vending Machine at Shopping Malls in Singapore?

Where to find EZ Link Vending at MRT / Train Stations in Singapore?

How to buy / purchase Pikachu EZ-Link plush charm, Spiderman LED EZ-Link charm, Disney Tsum Tsum Monsters Inc Mike & Sully EZ-Charm (Shopee Exclusive), Snorlax EZ-Link charm at EZ Link Vending machine?

  1. Select the item you would like to buy
  2. Select the payment mode
  3. Tap your card on the device reader
  4. You can collect your item with in 60 seconds

Singapore EZ Link Vending Machine Customer Care Phone number

WhatsApp: 9720 6194

Hours: 9am to 6pm, only on weekdays

EZ-Link Customer Service number: 6496 8300

Hours: 8am to 6pm daily, excluding Public Holidays

Where to buy EZ-Link card in Singapore?

  • To buy this card at TransitLink Ticket Office and Concession Card Replacement Offcies at MRT stations and bus interchanges

How to report lost card to block?

  • To report contact Customer Service team: 64968300
  • Provide required details for verification
  • Select an existing card registered on ‘Card Blocking’ to enable the refund
  • Register a new card on ‘Card Blocking’ receive an email notification within 4-5 weeks
  • Remaining money at AXS machines within 90 days to complete the transfer of recovered funds


1.What do if received my SimplyGo EZ-Link card. How do I get started?

To get started, download the EZ-Link app from the Play Store, Apple Store / Huawei AppGallery.

2.If there any changes to the fares using my SimplyGo EZ-Link card for public transport?

SimplyGo EZ-Link card for public transport will continue existing card fares

3.Is the minimum travel value needed in my SimplyGo EZ-Link card to travel?

A minimum travel value of $3 is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient card balance, even for the longest journey. If there is insufficient card balance on the SimplyGo EZ-Link cards (account-based cards), commuters may have to wait for up to 10 minutes after topping up the cards before using the card.

4.What do if forget my password for my EZ-Link account?

Using app reset your password

5.Where to get more information on SimplyGo EZ-Link cards?

To have other enquiries, contact the EZ-Link Customer Service hotline at 6496 8300

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