GetGo (Car Sharing / rent) Singapore Customer Care Phone Number, Address, Email, How to rent a car? Hourly / Monthly Charge

GetGo Singapore Customer Care Phone Number, Address, Email, Hours, Website

GetGo is the largest Point A-to-A carsharing service in Singapore. It’s the simplest way to access a car in Singapore and key to carsharing! Simply register, book, and unlock GetGo cars on our mobile app. GetGo cars are always available 24/7, rain or shine


Opening Hours: 24/7


Map: View Location here

Location request form 

What are the requirements to join GetGo?

  • Age and Experience
  • 19 years old or older
  • Driver’s license requirements
  • No major violations or incidents

Types of Cars and Brand in GetGo

Vehicle Category Brands
  • Luxury(1)
  • Economy(1)
  • Standard(30)
  • Premium(6)
  • Standard Electric(4)
  • Premium Electric(1)
  • Commercial Electric(2)
  • BMW(1)
  • BYD(2)
  • DFSK(1)
  • Suzuki(2)
  • Honda(6)
  • Hyundai(9)
  • Mazda(3)
  • MG(1)
  • Mitsubishi(2)
  • Nissan(3)
  • Renault(1)
  • SsangYong(3)
  • Toyota(11)

What are the Price range in GetGo Singapore?

Visit here

  • Insurance
  • maintenance
  • petrol, just pay for the hours and mileage used.

Two Types

  • Regular
  • Electric

GetGo Regular Car Charge

Regular Standard Premium Luxury Economy
Hourly fee Off-Peak $3 $6 $15 $3
Normal $6 $9 $18 $5
Peak $9 $12 $21 $7
Full Day Rate $120 $120 $240 $80
Mileage Charge per km $0.39 $0.39 $0.49 $0.39


GetGo Electric Car Charge 

Electric Standard Electric Premium Electric Commercial Electric
Hourly fee Off-Peak $4 $612 $10
Normal $7 $15 $11
Peak $10 $18 $12
Full Day Rate $120 $200 $120
Mileage Charge per km $0.25 $0.25 $0.25

Time Charge Classification 

Time Weekdays Weekend and Public Holidays
12:00am-05:59am Normal Normal
06:00am-08:59am Off Peak Normal
09:00am-05:59pm Normal Peak
06:00pm-11:59pm Peak Peak

How to rent a GetGo Car in Singapore?

What is the cost of booking per hour?

  • visit
  • The total booking charge includes the Time Charge (varies based on timing) and the Mileage Charge.
  • The mileage charge is $0.39/km for the Economy, Standard, and Premium categories
  • $0.29/km for the Standard Electric, Commercial Electric, and Premium Electric categories.
  • If you opt for CDW, it will cost you an additional 5% of your total booking charge
Time charge per hour Off-peak Normal Peak
Economy $3 $5 $7
Standard $3 $6 $9
Premium $6 $9 $12
Luxury $15 $18 $21
Standard Electric $4 $7 $10
Premium Electric $12 $15 $18
Commercial Electric $10 $11 $12

How to update / change mobile number in GetGo Singapore?

Email to

  • Full Name
  • Driving Licence/NRIC Last 4D
  • Old Mobile (as per our records)
  • New Mobile (to be updated in our records)

How to  find a GetGo car near you?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your location to find the car near you

Can you use EZ-Link to pay GetGo Singapore?

Yes, you can use EZ-Link card as a cash card

How to extend the GetGo car booking in Singapore?

  1. Download the GetGo app
  2. Tap on Bookings and on your ongoing booking
  3. Tap on Extend to view the vehicle’s booking calendar
  4. Drag to your preferred end timing
  5. Tap on Confirm to verify your extension is complete

Late return fee: $50 per hour

How to report if you lost the item in GetGo car in Singapore?

For Lost & Found report form visit here 

  1. GetGo will not responsible for any lost or found items.
  2. If the item that matches the description that was reported has been found.
  3. GetGo will dispose of the item(s) that we found if it is uncollected after 14 days after being contacted.

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