Giga Telecom, Singapore Customer Care Number, Address, Email

Giga Telecom, Singapore Customer Care Number, Address, Email, Hours, Website

Giga Telecom Customer Care Phone number: 6582410707 (Whatsapp)



How to Login Giga?

Giga Telecom Login

How do I activate my giga SIM card?

To Activate SIM:

  • Giga SIM into your device.
  • Ensure your phone is connected to WIFI.
  • Use giga app and click on the pink ACTIVATE button.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to set your device APN to giga.

How to transfer a number to giga?

  1. Select Port-in Number when signing up
  2. SIM Card is delivered to you, with temporary number
  3. Port-in is processed on the next working day
  4. Number is successfully transferred to giga
  5. Click ACTIVATE button in giga app

What are the Data only plan for Giga customers

  • 1.5GB – $3.90 (Month)
  • 2GB for $3.93 month
Data SMS Mins ID Rate Sign up
10GB/mth 300 300 Free caller ID $10 Visit here
100 GB 1,000 1,000 Free caller ID $20 Visit here
150 GB 1,500 1,500 Free caller ID $25 Visit here
350 GB 5,000 5,000 Free caller ID $45 Visit here

Giga Telecom Deals

How to request for a replacement / lost my SIM card?

  • Login to your giga account > Click on the mega menu (at the bottom right) > Select ‘Cancel line / SIM services’ > Tap on ‘Replace lost SIM’ and follow the instructions.
  • To select the correct giga line before submitting your SIM replacement request as it cannot be cancelled.
  • $10.10 charge for the replacement of the lost SIM card, while the $2.02 delivery fee

How to sign up for the promotional plans?

  • Download the giga app
  • select either the $18.17 or $20.19 giga plan to sign up
  • Bonus data is auto-tagged to your plan at payment

What mode of payment does giga accept?

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX for debit
  • Credit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

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Download the Giga app on Google Play / App Store


  • Download giga app
  • Select plan
  • Enter promo code for discount


1.Who are eligible for the giga birthday surprise?

Available for all giga customers with an active giga line. All giga lines under your account will free local data, minutes and SMS for the entire day on your birthday.

2.How to change my plan for free?

To change your plan activated your giga line. click on “Add line/ Change plan” and follow the on-screen steps.

3.Wat are the Contract free giga plans?

There are 3 contract-free giga plans for you with free Caller ID, free incoming calls and SMS, and free data rollover

  • 10GB plan comes with 300 mins and 300 SMS, at just $10.10/mth
  • 200GB for the first 6 months, reverts to 150GB per month. The plan comes with 800 mins and 800 SMS, at just $18.17/mth
  • 300GB for the first 6 months, reverts to 200GB per month. The plan comes with 1,000 mins and 1,000 SMS, at just $20.19/mth

4.If Giga network will be charged a fee for transferring my number?

Number porting to the giga network is free and not charge

5.What is the procedure for not registered mobile number under my Name and NRIC/how to Transfer of Ownership?

Your existing number needs to be registered to your Name and NRIC. Do request for your ex-telco to perform a Transfer of Ownership to your Name as giga does not support Transfer of Ownership, before you proceed to port in to giga.

  • To port in / transfer your existing number, ensure
  • It is an active postpaid number
  • It is registered to your Name and ID
  • There are no outstanding bills/contracts with ex-telco
  • Not to cancel your line with ex-telco.
  • For more details please visit here

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