Halloween (Trick or Treat) 2022 at Singapore

What is Halloween and why is Halloween celebrated?

One of the oldest festivals in the world, Halloween is observed in the majority of nations on October 31 each year. The word “Halloween” refers to a “holy evening” or “hallowed evening,” or an evening to honor the dead.

A growing variety of traditional Halloween activities are becoming more publicly accessible in Singapore as the holiday gains popularity.

Over the years, Halloween has grown in popularity and is now cheerfully observed in many nations. However, in certain locations, the activities are scaled back to visiting loved ones’ graves.

Halloween’s eerie elements are based on the notion that the dead and spirits of the dead come back to life around this time of year.

What are the Halloween activities?

  • This Halloween, organize or participate in some of the most well-known and customary festival activities to celebrate the holiday with your friends and family.
  • The custom of “souling,” where children and beggars went door to door (often in amazing disguise) to collect soul cakes, is possibly the source of the habit of dressing up and going door to door to collect various delicacies.
  • Another crucial Halloween pastime is trick-or-treating. When trick-or-treating in the past, it was typical for kids to prepare a quick show for the neighborhood residents’ enjoyment, such as reciting a poem or singing a quick song.
  • Many shopping malls, community centers, and tourist destinations often host family-friendly activities in the second half of October when kids are invited to play games or complete tasks in order to win treats.

What are the traditional foods made for Halloween in Singapore?

1. kooky cruffins

While Rocky Road serves you the chewy and crunchy delight of dark chocolate, marshmallows, and walnuts on top of flaky layers, the Pumpkin Cheesecake is piped with pumpkin puree cheese cream.

kooky cruffins

2. Toffee apples

Toffee apples become a seasonal treat as Halloween gets closer to apple harvest time. Apples are stuffed with bamboo sticks, which are then held while the apples are turned into toffee syrup and occasionally stuffed with almonds.

Toffee apples

3. pumpkin shaped buns

Make these adorable pumpkin-shaped buns as a Halloween or fall treat for a festive bake. Simply use some string to create the adorable pumpkin shape.

Pumpkin shaped buns

4. Halloween Salad

This recipe for a kid-friendly salad that includes bell peppers is ideal for celebrating Halloween in a fun and healthful way. A fantastic way to include vegetables.

Halloween Salad

5. Cheesy Halloween pizzas

Try these delicious Halloween pizzas with olive spiders, cheese mummies, and even a carved pumpkin. Your children can enjoy this delicious party cuisine with their pals.

Cheesy Halloween pizzas

Best places to celebrate Halloween in Singapore

1. Skyline Luge, Sentosa

Don’t forget to count the orange pumpkins you see along the tracks as you keep an eye out for them. To receive a New Zealand ice cream, keep an eye out for Little Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland and whisper the correct response.

Skyline Luge, Sentosa

2. Sembawang area

This Halloween, enter the private estate in the Sembawang neighborhood of Singapore and be terrified.

Sembawang area halloween

3. Castle Harding gate

Demons, dragons, and other spooky hanging things are greeting all of the visitors at the Castle Harding gate. The event is open to everyone and will take place in October.

Castle Harding gate

4. S.E.A. Aquarium 

Discover the enigmatic musical pathway that transforms sound into song, in particular the global phenomenon “Baby Shark.” Trick-or-treating in the depths, battling the terrifying pollution danger at the multiplayer interactive game station.

S.E.A. Aquarium

5. SuperPark Singapore

SuperPark Singapore, the largest indoor action park in the country, will host its SuperSpook Halloween-Themed Sessions over the course of six nights for the first time.

The most well-known fears that everyone has will be brought to light by the scary scare zones of SuperSpook: clowns, zombies, and small spaces.

SuperPark Singapore

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