Happy Death Day 2U English Movie in Singapore

Happy Death Day 2U Movie Plot:
Sequel to the 2017 film ‘Happy Death Day’.

Happy Death Day 2U Movie Release date in Singapore: 15-Feb-19

Happy Death Day 2U Movie Trailer:

Director:Christopher Landon
Writers: Christopher Landon, Scott Lobdell (characters)
Stars | Cast: Jessica Rothe
Ruby Modine
Suraj Sharma
Sarah Yarkin
Rachel Matthews
Wendy Miklovic
Charles Aitken
Jacqueline Harris Matherne
Steve Zissis
GiGi Erneta
Caleb Spillyards
Tenea Intriago
Blaine Kern III
Laura Clifton
Genre: Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Run time:
IMDb Rating:

Happy Death Day 2U Movie Showtimes in Singapore

Happy Death Day 2U Movie Screens / Cinemas and timings in Singapore: Updated on 12th February 2019

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U Movie Showtimes
12 Feb 13 Feb 14 Feb 15 Feb
no showtimes available 

no showtimes available 

CATHAY AMK HUB 2D(03:35PM,06:45PM,11:20PM) CATHAY CAUSEWAY POINT 2D(03:50PM,06:10PM,07:10PM,09:30PM) CATHAY CINELEISURE 2D(04:40PM,07:00PM,09:15PM) CATHAY DOWNTOWN EAST 2D(03:00PM,05:15PM,07:30PM,09:45PM) CATHAY JEM 2D(03:40PM,04:30PM,06:50PM) CATHAY JEM PLATINUM 2D(04:50PM,07:10PM) CATHAY PARKWAY PARADE 2D(03:00PM,05:15PM,07:30PM,09:45PM) CATHAY THE CATHAY 2D(04:40PM,07:00PM,09:20PM) CATHAY WEST MALL 2D(04:30PM,06:50PM) FILMGARDE LEISURE PARK 03:05PM,05:15PM,07:25PM,09:35PM, SHAW BALESTIER Digital(06:40PM,09:10PM) SHAW JCUBE Digital(06:50PM) SHAW NEX Digital(06:30PM) SHAW SELETAR Digital(09:20PM,11:40PM) SHAW WATERWAY POINT Digital(04:30PM,09:40PM)
SHAW NEX Digital(12:10AM)

Happy Death Day 2U Movie Poster

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