How to apply and obtain FIN in Singapore? Purpose of getting FIN

How to apply and obtain FIN in Singapore?

What is FIN?

Foreigners with long-term passes are given a “Foreign Identification Number” (FIN), which is comparable to the NRIC number in format. The FIN can be transferred between pass categories and is valid for life, as long as the foreigner does not receive Singapore citizenship or permanent residency and an NRIC number.

Even if the individual changes their passport number (old passport to new passport) or their nationality to a country other than Singapore, this number will remain the same.

Why FIN is required for Singaporeans?

ICA is in charge of immigration and registration services, including issuing passports and identity cards to Singaporeans and foreigners, as well as immigration passes and permits. For the purposes of identification and registration, each person working, studying, or residing in Singapore is given a unique identity number.

You can apply for

Check here to how to apply / register for SingPass

Usage of FIN?

  • FINs are personal to each person and cannot be transferred to other foreigners after the pass holders have left Singapore permanently or passed away. This means that the number of FINs available in each series will diminish with time.
  • There is a need to develop a new FIN series to allow the ICA and other government agencies to carry out their responsibilities of registering and identifying foreigners who are staying in Singapore for an extended period of time. The introduction of the M FIN series will have no effect on foreigners currently assigned to the F and G FIN series.
  • From January 1, 2022, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will issue a new Foreign Identification Number (FIN) series with the prefix M. Foreigners working, studying, or staying in Singapore are given FINs, which are unique identification numbers provided by the ICA and other government agencies. The new M FIN series will begin with the prefix M, followed by seven numbers, and a checksum letter, similar to the F and G FIN series (e.g. M1234567B).

Where and How to register FIN in Singapore?

Either at ICA building or MOM 

Procedure to apply and obtain FIN in Singapore online at ICA / ICA service centre?

Procedure to apply and obtain FIN in Singapore online at ICA / ICA service centre?

Apply FIN online through ICA website

  • Visit ICA website
  • Click “Services”
  • Choose “Foreign Identification Number (FIN)”
  • Select ‘Apply for FIN’
  • Enter the required details and complete

Apply FIN online through ICA service centre

  • Visit ICA Service Centre
  • Keep the required documents
  • Request for the FIN application form and start to fill
  • Submit the completed application form to the ICA officer

How to find your FIN number?

How to find the FIN of my Work Permit holder if it is not found in the approval letter?

  1. Once Wp is approved for each Work Pass (WP) holder, FIN number will be assigned for one working day which will be reflected in the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter
  2. Print the IPA to request for the WP


1.How Start of fin number in Singapore?

Structure of the National Registration Identity Card Number/FIN. It starts with a letter: S, F, M, T, or G, depending on what status the individual holds.

2.What is The Federal Identification Number (FIN) ID number?

The Federal Identification Number (FIN) is a unique nine-digit number assigned to businesses in the United States for the purpose of conducting official business with federal agencies.

3.How to check my fin number in Singapore?

Employer or employment agent for your FIN number, which can be found on IPA letter.

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