How to apply / book COVID-19 PCR Test before departure from Singapore?

COVID-19 PCR swab Test for passengers who are departing from Singapore

Steps / procedures to be followed to take Pre-departure PCR swab test in Singapore:

  • Based on the purpose of travel (whether business/work, crew members, repatriation flights or long term education), you can choose the form (mentioned below).
  • Select the appropriate form and submit the form within 14 days prior to the departure.
  • Applicants will be  notified in 5 working days.
  • Obtain approval from Singapore government agency for Pre-departure PCR swab test
  • With the approval in hand, you need to book an appointment in the clinic through phone.
  • You can choose the preferred location.
  • You can pre-book by calling the clinic. You will receive mail for the confirmation.
  • Keep the documents in hand which is mentioned below
  • Once your appointment is approved, you can go for test at the given slot with the approval letter.

Documents required to get an approval letter for PCR swab test in Singapore

  • official notification from authorities requesting a PCR test
  • copy of your employment pass issued by your destination country
  • a letter from your employer/client requesting a PCR test.

Documents required to book an appointment at the clinic for PCR swab test in Singapore

You need to book an appointment through the clinic via phone call.

While you are booking the appointment, keep the following details in hand:

  • Pre-departure PCR swab test approval email (obtained from the government).
  • ID and passport
  • Flight itinerary (if applicable)
  • Choose your test slot timing
  • Singapore Address, Contact phone number, email id

Documents to bring:

  • ID card and passport
  • Pre-departure PCR swab test approval letter / email (obtained from the government).
  • Flight itinerary photocopy

Select the form and get approval to apply for Pre-departure PCR swab test for business / seafarers / education / repatriation flights / others in Singapore

If the purpose of travel is

  • business-related work, or taking up employment overseas, click to proceed.
  • Seafarers or Ship crew members or Ship crew sign-on for foreign-going ships, click to proceed.
  • Education related or compassionate reasons, or others, click to proceed.
  • Repatriation flights for the Chinese or Indian nationals who has or cancelled work permits and S-Passes and who wants to return to China or the Tamil Nadu or West Bengal States of India, click to proceed.

If you have any additional queries, you may contact the following agencies:

Apply for a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test at the approved clinic in Singapore

Contact details / enquiries related to Pre-departure PCR swab test in Singapore

SafeTravel Pass

Email: SafeTravel Pass General enquiries:

To check the status of the application, please contact Singapore government agency that sponsored the application.

Appeals enquiries:

Air Travel Pass

Email: Air Travel Pass General enquiries:

For more details, visit:

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