How to apply SGS Bonds/T-Bills in DBS Bank Singapore? Procedure, Requirements, Cost

How to apply SGS Bonds/T-bills on digibank Online?

  • To login digibank online please visit here
  • Fill the Authentication Process.
  • Under Invest tab, select Singapore Government Securities (SGS).
  • Select T-Bill or Bond.
  • Enter OK.
  • Select Issue Code and click Next.
  • Select Nationality and Payment Mode.
  • Enter CDP/SRS Account Number, select Competitive/Non-Competitive Bid
  • Enter Amount to purchase and select your debiting account. Click Next.
  • To invest in T-bill using your CPF OA funds, please select CPF OA as your payment method. (For DBS CPF Investment Account Holders only)
  • Verify and Submit

Procedure to select the correct issuance code during application.

  • Application of SGS Bonds/T-Bills are not revocable
Securities Type Securities Name Tenor Opening Date Closing Date
T-Bills BS23113V 6 Mths 28-Jun-23 05-Jul-23
T-Bills BS23114A 6 Mths 13-Jul-23 19-Jul-23
T-Bills BS23115E 6 Mths 27-Jul-23 02-Aug-23
T-Bills BY23102N 12 Mths 20-Jul-23 26-Jul-23
  • For payment by CPF, cut-off time is one day before closing date at 12noon.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed
  • An additional application and will not overwrite the previous submission.
  • To apply for SGS Bonds/T-Bills in cash an individual CDP account with Direct Crediting Service activated
  • To apply for an individual CDP account Please visit here.
  • For Singapore Permanent Residents or Foreigners
  • NRIC/Passport details matches CDP records.

Note: Joint CDP accounts are not allowed.


  • No Charges, all application fees are waived Ordinary Account (OA):
  • S$2.50 + GST for transaction
  • No Charges for Special Account (SA)
  • Minimum Application S$1,000
  • Maximum Application  S$1m per applicant

How to apply Invesment Mode?

Cash: ATM, Digibank online and mobile
SRS (DBS SRS Account Holders Only): Digibank Online
CPF – Ordinary Account: Digibank Online
CPF – Special Account: Branch Only

What is the Difference / Maturity Period/ How it works of SGS Bonds and T-Bills?
SGS Bonds T-Bills
Overview Long-term, tradable government debt securities that pay a fixed coupon every 6 months. Short-term, tradable government debt securities that investors buy at a discount.
Maturity Period 2 to 50 years 6 months to 1 year
How does it work?
  • Coupon payment
  • Semi-annual coupon from the month of issue.
  • No coupon payment
  • Discount is returned within 1-2 working days
Example Invest $10k,  10 Year Maturity date, coupon rate of 1% p.a. Invest $10k in 6-Mths T-Bill with a cut-off yield of 1% p.a.
Receive $50 every 6 months until maturity. Receive a one-time $50 refund 1-2 working days
 $10k at maturity. $10k at maturity.

What is Competitive and Non-Competitive?

Non-Competitive Competitive
Intro specify only the amount you want to invest, not the yield. The amount and yield you want to invest.
Allotment Bids will be allotted first, up to 40% of the total issuance amount. May not get the full amount that you applied for, depending on how your bid compares to the cut-off yield.
Reason To Select To invest in the bond regardless of the return or are unsure of what yield to bid. Submit a competitive bid, to invest in the bond only if it yields above a certain level.

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