How to become a Hawker in Singapore?

How to obtain a stall at a hawker center?

  1. The first step is to clear and pass the Basic Food Hygiene Course (BFHC) , Even if you successfully tendered for a stall, you won’t be permitted to handle food in it if you don’t pass the BFHC. It is an easy process to become a Hawker in Singapore. The course consists of six hours of coursework and 1.5 hours of assessment. There are weekly classes available by any of the skillfuture Singapore (SSG).
  2. Unoccupied Stalls are put up for bid, and the highest bidder wins. It does not imply, however, that bidders must always offer a high price.
  3. To determine how much rent you should bid in order to break even or earn sustainable profits, you must include all associated expenditures in addition to the monthly stall rental.
  4. Visit the unoccupied stall you want to use to gauge the adjacent activity and see if there are any rivals.


  • A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • 21 years old and above

Keep in mind  that you must not:

  • Debarred from holding a hawker license by NEA
  • A former assistant/nominee who was de-registered by NEA
  • Banned by the Government/Statutory Boards from taking part in any business tenders
  • An undischarged bankrupt
  • Already renting or a joint operator of two cooked food stalls in markets/hawker centers managed
  • by NEA. The maximum number of cooked food stalls any individual can rent is two.

How to apply for a hawker stall in Singapore?

  • A stall may be requested through the NEA’s monthly tendering process. The exercise is typically conducted from the 13th through the 26th of the month.
  • If the 13th or the 26th fall on a weekend or a holiday, the tender will open and close on the following business day.
  • The information on the stalls available will also be published on the NEA website and displayed on the notice board at NEA One-Stop Information and service center (OSISC) located at HDB Hub East Wing, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #26-01, Singapore 310480.

Steps to bid for a hawker stall?

Buy tender form

  • Buy tender form at a non-refundable amount of $10 from OSISC, Payment is by NETS, credit card, or cash card.

Fill out the tender form

  • Make sure that GST and other running expenses are not included in your bid price.

Submit the tender form

  • The sum equal to your bid amount is the tender deposit.
  • Purchase a Cashier’s Order from any bank, payable to “NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY,” for the amount equal to your winning offer.
  • Cash and checks are not accepted, Place the Cashier’s Order in Envelope A after applying a postage stamp, Place the Tender Form, photocopy of NRIC, and envelope A into Envelope B, and Drop Envelope B into the Tender Box at the OSISC before 10:30 am on the closing date of the tender.

Instructions to follow to operate a hawker stall

Please pay attention to the provisions of your tenancy agreement. The following key terms and conditions are underlined for your convenience:

  • Operate stall personally (subletting of the stall is not allowed).
  • You cannot assign your stall to another person.
  • Do not leave your stall vacant or use it for storage purposes
  • Keep your stall clean and tidy
  • Your hawker assistant must be a registered food handler (for cooked food stalls)
  • Ensure that the gas, electricity, or other fuels used for cooking are installed by licensed personnel.


  • You can check here.

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