How to buy stamps in SAM Kiosks in Singapore? Requirements to buy the stamps

How to buy stamps at the SAM Kiosks in Singapore?

What is SAM in SAM Kiosk Singapore?

What is SAM?

SAM is a Smart Access Machine

Sam is started as kiosks to bring our services closer to pay bills, fines, top-ups, buy stamps, weigh your packages, and more even beyond the operating hours of our Post Offices.

Procedure to buy stamps at SAM Kiosk

  1. Visit the nearest SAM Kiosks
  2. Click “Buy Stamps”
  3. Choose the postage weight and buy the stamp
  4. Select the quantity (number of the required stamps)
  5. Make the payment using the NETS flashpay / VISA / Mastercard
  6. Confirm and pay by inserting your card
  7. Finally, Collect the stamps and receipt

What are the requirements to buy the stamps in Singapore?

If you require to buy stamps in Singapore, you may require the following things

  • Nets flash pay card / Credit / debit card with Nets logo on the card
  • How much the mail weighs

Where to buy Digital stamps in Singapore?

Digitally printed stamps can also be bought at any one of the close to 290 self-service automated machines (SAM) kiosks found at shopping malls, MRT stations and other convenient locations throughout Singapore, and at any time of the day.

Where did buy Singapore Philatelic stamps?

Singapore Post (SingPost) is Singapore’s official Public Postal licensee, and stamps can be purchased online, in paper, or digitally printed. SingPost’s first Philatelic Store at the General Post Office (GPO) opened in October 2017 and serves as a one-stop shop for all philatelic items made by the corporation.

When Singapore Post created SAM as Kiosks?

Singapore Post created SAM as kiosks to bring their full range of services closer to the customers. At the machines, you can make payments (bills, fines, taxes, tickets), top-ups (telco pre-paid, game cards, CPF), buy stamps, track parcels, weigh your packages, and more even beyond the operating hours of the post offices. Seletar Mall.

Can you buy stamps in SAM Kiosk any time (Day / Night) in Singapore?

Yes, as the SAM kiosk is 24/7, you can buy stamps any time you would like to.

Why and where stamp is used in Singapore?

Do you know why it is required to buy stamps?

For the official documents / a letter / a parcel, stamp is required to stick.  Stamps prevent fraud and forgery. The main usage is to record the date, time, place the parcel / letter was mailed.

What are the other places you can buy stamps in Singapore?

Other than at Sam kiosk, you can buy stamps at

If you require foreign stamps, you can check at Philatelic Store

How to buy stamps at other locations in Singapore?

How to Pay Bills at SAM Kiosks in Singapore?

View the procedure to Pay Bills online and at the SAM Kiosk, scan & pay the bills at SAM Kiosk. List of things you can pay with SAM kiosk..



1.How to buy stamp from Sam machine?

Have more than 290 SAM kiosks conveniently located islandwide. which customers can easily access to perform multiple transaction-related activities such as stamp purchases, bill payments, telco cards top-ups, renewals, ticketing, and more, using an all-in-one integrated platform.

2.How to buy stamps at Changi Airport?

Post offices offer a wide range of products and services, such as stamp purchases

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 0900 to 1800.

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