How to change address, phone (contact details) in Posb Bank Singapore?

How to change address, phone (contact details), joint-all holder in Posb Bank Singapore?

You can change your contact details via internet banking (or) at any AXS machine or visit any branch or mail to the address mentioned below

Internet banking:

  • Select My Preferences
  • Update the address

AXS machine

  • Select the DBS or POSB banner button, Services
  • Update the address

Mail the completed form

  1. Download the form
  2. Enter the name, NRIC / Passport number, Country of residence
  3. Enter your new address
  4. Enter the contact phone number, email
  5. Fill the required details and complete the form
  6. Occupation details
  7. Send the completed form along with the documents to the mailing address: DBS Bank Ltd, T&O Account Services
    2 Changi Business Park Crescent, DBS Asia Hub, #07-05 Singapore 486029

At DBS or POSB branch in Singapore

  • Download and complete the form
  • Present the form along with the required documents

Documents required:

Copy of Singapore NRIC (Front and Back)
Copy of either one of the documents below for proof of residence (within last 6 months):-

  • Back of NRIC.
  • Local utility bill.
  • Local telecommunication bill.
  • Local bank statement/credit card statement.
  • Letter issued by government of other public bodies regulated for AML practices in a FATF member country.
  • Letter from regulated insurance companies in a FATF member country.

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