How to check and remove the Immigration Ban in Singapore?

What are the possible immigration bans in Singapore?

  • A forbidden immigrant is somebody who is not a citizen of Singapore and who the Controller believes belongs to one of the prohibited classes listed in subsection (3).
  • No other barred immigrant may enter Singapore unless they have a valid pass that is issued to them in accordance with the legislation.
  • any person whose presence in Singapore poses a risk to the community due to a mental condition, being mentally defective, or having a contagious or infectious disease.
  • any individual who, after being ordered to do so by section 29, refuses to undergo a medical examination;
  • Any person who is in possession of a permit issued to him or her in accordance with the provisions of this Act and who, upon arriving in Singapore, is denied permission to enter on the grounds that he or she is a prohibited immigrant, may appeal the refusal to the Minister, whose decision is final, within the timeframe and in the manner specified by the Minister.
  • Learn about the immigration and customs clearance processes, and find out if you qualify for automated processing.
  • Short-Term Visitors should have enough cash and proof of onward travel (tickets, visas), and they should make sure they don’t remain longer than their Visit Pass is valid. After arriving, you can use the e-Pass Enquiry Portal to obtain your e-Pass or the visit pass validity tool to confirm that your visit pass is still valid.

How to check the status of the Immigration ban in Singapore?

  • Login with details or register with the Id
  • Enter all the details.

How much is the penalty?

  • According to the Immigration Act, anyone found to have entered or exited Singapore without a valid pass or entrance permit faces up to a 6-month prison sentence and at least three canings (or a fine of up to $6,000 if the offender is a female or over 50 and cannot be caned).

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