How to Check Singtel account balance in Singapore Renewal, Procedure, How to Check Online, SMS, Required Documents

About SinGTel

Headquarters: Singapore.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly known as Singtel and stylized as SingTel, is a Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate and one of the four major telcos operating in the country.


How to open, check account balance, update personal data on  Singtel My Account?

How to check your Singtel balance?

  • Enter *100# followed by the send button
  • Call *100# and follow the instructions

Phone: 1688 / 100 / 104 (from Singapore)

Phone: 0065 6235 1688 (from abroad)

How to check mobile data usage

View your local data usage, Check mobile is connected to mobile data network (3G/4G/5G) instead of WiFi.

  • Login to My Singtel app via one pass
  • Scroll down and view all accounts
  • To check data usage for other mobile line

Login with OnePass

Singtel OnePass Singapore

View What is the use of Singtel OnePass? / What you can do with Singtel OnePass? through the above link.

How to book an appointment with Singtel in Singapore?

View How to book an appointment with Singtel in Singapore through the above link.

How to reinsert SIM card/reboot mobile device unable to connect mobile data?

  • Check your mobile data is enabled / phone advance setting
  • Insert sim card into another device
  • If device worked contact device manufacturer
  • if not worked visit Singtel Shop
  • Replace simcard for free
  • If the sim damaged fee $32.80


Original NRIC / FIN for verification

Singtel Singapore Customer Care

Customer Care Contacts

Singtel Contacts Phone Numbers
Customer Service Singtel 6518383322
Corporate Internet Services +656 472 2580
Business Customer Service +656 538 5056
Media +659 831 0688
Sales Hotline +656 763 1111

Fax: +656733 3036

Media contact:

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8:30am – 8:30pm

For Singtel Termination visit here

Download SingTel App on Android, Google play Store / Apple Store, ios, mac

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