How to claim GST refund for tourists in Singapore?: Procedure, Documents required

GST refund counter at Changi Airport

Claim GST refund Singapore

Tourist who are visiting Singapore and wants to buy goods can claim GST refund when you are departing from Singapore.

Who are required to apply / claim for GST refund?

For those who have goods to be checked in / who bought goods in Singapore can claim for GST Refund

Where to apply for the GST refund?

  • You can apply at electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) self-help kiosk (SAM, SingTel) which is located in the Departure hall of the airport.
  • Check-in Hall (before Departure Immigration) before you check-in the goods.

If you have goods that you plan to hand-carry: Please proceed to the Departure Transit Lounge (Qantas, Marhaba) (after Departure Immigration) to apply for your GST refund at the eTRS selfhelp kiosk.

You will need to scan your physical passport at the eTRS self-help kiosk to retrieve all eTRS transactions tagged to your passport.

What are the requirements for tourist to claim for GST refund in Kiosk / Shop in Singapore?

In Kiosk, you are required to

  • Present your purchased goods
  • Show Original invoice / receipt from the retailer shop
  • Show Original Passport and boarding pass / flight tickets

In the retail shop, you are required to

  • Show Original invoice / receipt
  • Show Original Passport

Where to claim for the GST Refund in Singapore for the tourists?

Location of GST refund facilities in Singapore

Changi International Airport (all Terminals, including Jewel)

  • Departure Check-in Halls (before immigration clearance), for checked-in goods; and
  • Departure Transit Areas (after immigration clearance), for hand-carried goods.

Seletar Airport (under the purview of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA))

  • Please arrive early to the airport to complete and verify claims for the goods by Singapore Customs / ICA
  • All the refunds whether cash / non cash are processed by Global Tax Free Pte Ltd (the approved Central Refund Counter Operator), and not by Singapore Customs.

For enquiries relating to the status of your approved refund, please contact:

Global Tax Free Pte Ltd

Tel: (+65) 6513 3756 (Weekdays from 9am to 6pm)
(+65) 6546 5074 (Weekdays after 6pm, Weekends
and Public Holiday)

At the eTRS self-help kiosk, select Cash, Credit card or Alipay as the mode of receiving your refund. If you have opted for a cash refund, proceed to the GST Cash Refund Counter located in the Departure Transit Lounge, after immigration, to receive your refund in cash. For passengers departing via Seletar Airport, only credit card and cheque refund options are available.

What are the things / items you cannot claim for GST refund in Singapore?

In Singapore, GST refund not applicable for the following:

  • Services (like car rental, entertainment, dry clearing, etc.);
  • Goods which are wholly or partly consumed in Singapore;
  • Goods purchased for business or commercial purpose;
  • Goods exported by freight;
  • Accommodation in hotel, hostel, boarding house or similar establishments; and
  • Goods not presented for inspection.

How to contact Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for Tourist Refund Scheme?

IRAS is the tax advisor for the Singaporean Government. You can contact Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for more details about the Tourist Refund Scheme

Singapore SG Customs Guide for Travelers / Tourists

GST refund counter at Changi Airport
GST refund counter at Changi Airport

GST Refund Counter for Tourists in Mustafa Centre, Singapore

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