How to e-Filing your Income Tax Return in Singapore?

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)

Benefits of e-Filing Income Tax Return

  • Easy Tax Filing
  • 24/7 Account access
  • Longer filing periodYou may e-File via myTax Portal with your Singpass or Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA). An acknowledgement page will be shown after you have e-Filed successfully.Access your account anytime, anywhere!
    Longer filing period
    The filing due date for paper tax form is on 15 Apr each year. However, if you e-File, you have up to 18 Apr to do so.

What are the steps to File your Income Tax Return in Singapore?

  1. Get a Singpass or Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA)
  2. Documents Required
  3. Log in to “myTax Portal”
  4. Verify your details in your ‘Income, Deductions and Relief Statement’ (IDRS)
  5. Declare other sources of income
  6. Update existing tax reliefs
  7. Acknowledgement receipt.

When is the last date to file your income tax return?

e-File the Income Tax Returns by 18th of April every year.

Get a Singpass or Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA)

  • You may use the Singpass to access all Government e-Services. You may apply for Singpass online and receive it within 4 working days.
  • 2-Step Verification (or 2FA) is required when you use Singpass.
  • If you are not eligible for Singpass, you may apply for a SFA online.

Required documents

You may keep the below documents prior log in to myTax Portal,

  1. Singpass/SFA
  2. Form IR8A (if an employer not participated in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme)
  3. Particulars of your dependants (e.g. child, parent) for new relief claims
  4. Rental income from your property (e.g. gross rent, expense claims) and other income, if any
    Business registration number/partnership tax reference number (for self-employed and partners only).

How to Log in to myTax Portal?

  • Log in to myTax Portal (use with your Singpass/SFA)
  • Click “Individuals”
  • Select “File Income Tax Return” to start. ( The electronic tax form takes 5-10 minutes to complete). Note: Please clear your cache (temporary internet files) before and after filing.
  • If you need help during e-Filing, please click on the icon <i-help>, known as ‘i-help’.

You’ll need required software for accessing myTax Portal. Your session will expire, if you leave it idle for more than 20 minutes. When this happens, you have to log in to the portal again.

How you can Verify your details in your ‘Income, Deductions and Relief Statement’ (IDRS)?

IRAS will pre-fill the following information in your IDRS:

  1. Income, deductions and reliefs information provided by the relevant organisations directly to IRAS.
  2. Rental income based on your declaration in last year’s Income Tax Return or e-stamped tenancy records.
  3. Reliefs allowed to you in the previous year (e.g. Qualifying Child Relief, Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Relief).

Note: Please check that all the pre-filled information (i.e. income, deductions and reliefs) is accurate and complete. You may also check with the relevant organisations directly for any discrepancy. The organisation will resubmit the information to us if there are errors in the original submission and this will be included in your tax assessment.

How to edit / make changes on the “Tax Return Form”?

In the IDRS, please click:

  • If you want to edit: Go to ‘My Tax Form’. Select “Yes, I need to edit my Tax Form” to declare your other sources of income or make changes to the pre-filled information (apart from the information provided by the relevant organisations).
  • If you no need to edit: “No, I have nothing to declare other than the information shown in the IDRS above” to submit your Income Tax Return, if you do not have other sources of income/deductions/reliefs to declare/claim (i.e. all your income/deductions/reliefs are as shown in the IDRS).

How can you Declare other sources of income?

  1. If you’ve received any other sources of income which are not pre-filled (e.g. rental income), you need to declare the income in your Income Tax Return.
  2. Enter your income in the boxes provided or click on the relevant “Update” buttons, to declare your additional income.
  3. If your employer is participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income but details are not shown in the IDRS, tick the box under item 1. ‘Employment Income and Employment Expenses’ in Section A of your Income Tax Return.

How to Declare other sources of Income Tax Return in Singapore

How to Update an existing tax reliefs?

Please enter the deductions/reliefs in the boxes provided or click on the relevant hyperlinks to:

  • Remove the pre-filled reliefs which you no longer qualify
  • Change/amend the amount of reliefs which are shared with other claimants
  • Make new claims for deductions/reliefs.

For enquiries on user guide, please contact 1800 356 8300 or

How to receive an e-Filing Income Tax return acknowledgement receipt?

  • After you’ve an e-Filed successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement. You may save a copy or print the page for future reference.

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