How to File an FIR in Singapore? Procedure, Documents required

What is FIR?

FIR is First Information Report where the victim / witness should officially lodge the complaint about any threat / missing person / theft and more

What is the procedure to file an fIR in Singapore?

To file an FIR keep in mind the below information:

  • Make a police report that does not require immediate police response. In case of emergency dial 999 or SMS 71999.
  • You are strongly advised to call “999” or go to a Neighbourhood Police Centre to report a missing person.
  • Police reports for scams should include the following information from the National Crime Prevention Council’s Scam Alert page.

*You can see the list of scams here

What Documents are required to File an FIR in Singapore?

  • Singpass Id
  • Valid Email Address
  • Serial number and photo of the missing item ( If applicable)

Procedure to file FIR online in Singapore

  1. Visit
  2. Login using Singpass

What is the use of dialing an emergency number in Singapore?

  • Make sure to remain calm and speak clearly once you get through to the police command operations center.
  • Specially trained police officers staff the call centers, which are equipped to deal with any and all emergency calls that come in. Your calls will be categorized as urgent and non-urgent in order for the Police to prioritize and respond to life-threatening cases more quickly.

The information which is required by the police

  • What block, street, and nearby landmark were used to identify the incident’s exact location.
  • An overview of what happened, including the following:
  • Is any person injured and whether ambulance required or not?
  • Any Life in Danger?
  • If you’re reporting a crime, is the perpetrator still present at the scene?

When Should I call?

Calling ‘999’ for police assistance should only be done in an emergency situation. This is the moment in time:

  • Criminal activity has begun.
  • A suspect in a crime is nearby or you are aware of their whereabouts.
  • A further crime might be committed.
  • It’s possible that someone has been seriously hurt or is in danger.
  • Suspicious incidents or suspicious parcels left in public places should be reported to law enforcement if they occur.

Can you call / SMS to lodge a FIR complaint in Singapore?

Yes, it will be considered.

Is FIR copy free to obtain?

Yes, FIR copy is free to get. So please do not forget to collect your FIR copy from the police which is the only evidence for the complaint

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