How to open a Pizza Hut Franchise in Singapore?: Procedure, Documents required

Procedure/ Requirement to open a Pizza Hut Franchise in Singapore?

  • For each of their system restaurants, the franchisor will provide franchisees with a 500-yard radius of protection. To open a Pizza Hut Franchise in Singapore needs a lot of effort.
  • All of the franchisee’s qualified operators must successfully complete the initial training program.
  • Operators who complete “First Slice” training are expected to have at least the following skills.
  • the attendance of every meeting with Pizza Hut functional leaders
  • restaurant instruction at a period designated by the franchisor, which includes all needed web-based training through the Learning Zone of the restaurant’s website.
  • Based on the franchisee and/or qualified operator experience, the franchisor may decide to lengthen or shorten the original training program’s First Slice part from 8 to 12 weeks.
  • At any time, a franchisee can ask for on-site training or help if the franchisor so specifies in the brand standards or otherwise.
  • For certified operators and system restaurant managers, the franchisor may from time to time establish additional training programs that they are required to attend and successfully complete.
Pizza Hut Franchise in Singapore

Financial requirement

  • S$966108.51 Net Worth
  • S$483054.26 Liquid Assets

Where to apply?

  • Visit any of the branches of Pizza hut and fill out the form.
  • Submit the form with all the details.

How long it will take to process to open Pizza Hut Franchise in Singapore?

  • Between ten and twelve weeks, an applicant goes through the first qualification procedure, which includes a series of interviews and background checks. It can take anywhere from three to nine months, depending on the size and scope.

Documents required

  • Must be Singapore Citizen
  • Hold a valid passport
  • Must be over 18 years of age.
  • Should hold experience letter of retail or hotel industry.

What will be the cost?

Traditional Opportunities

  • Initial Investment: S$506520.56 TO S$2847970.48

Non-Traditional Opportunities

  • Initial Investment: S$56034.70 TO S$651437.88


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