How to Pay Bills at SAM Kiosks in Singapore?

How to Pay Bills online and at the SAM Kiosks in Singapore?

Paying bills with SAM Kiosks is very simple now. Just visit one of theĀ  SAM Kiosk in Singapore and follow the instructions provided below and pay all kind of your bills such as

  • Credit card
  • Education
  • Government fines / bills
  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • Loan amount
  • SingPost bill
  • Telcos & Utility bills
  • Town council

Procedure to pay bills at SAM Kiosk

  1. Visit
  2. Login either with Singpost mobile app or User name and pin number if you are going to pay online (or)
  3. Visit the nearest SAM Kiosks
  4. Click Pay Bills
  5. Choose the category
  6. Make the payment using the card

How to scan and pay the bills at SAM Kiosk in Singapore?

  1. Visit the nearest SAM Kiosks
  2. Click Scan and Pay
  3. Simply scan your bill’s bar code in the machine and pay using the card

Payment method accepted at SAM Kiosk and SAM online:


  • NETS
  • NETS FlashPay
  • VISA
  • Master card
  • AMEX

Online: eNETS

How to buy stamps in SAM Kiosks in Singapore?

View the procedure to buy stamps at the SAM Kiosk in Singapore

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