How to Rent a PO Box in Singapore?: Procedure, Documents required

Rent a P.O. Box in Singapore Procedure, Documents required

Get your own private mailing address by renting a PO box at Singpost office

What is a PO Box?

  • You can use it for personal or corporate use, with a unique number assigned to each box.
  • The customer’s P.O. Box Number will be delivered to the P.O. Box regardless of the name of the recipient of mail bearing this number.
  • It’s easy to rent a PO Box in Singapore.

How to rent one for home/office?

  • To ensure the privacy and security of your mail, you can rent one of our post offices’ P.O. boxes.
  • Based on location and demand, annual service fees (excluding GST) can vary from location to location.

How much does it cost to get a PO Box number?

  • P.O. Box Number issuance is subjected to availability.
  • If the application is placed on the waiting list as a result of the Service not being available at the location of the Customer’s choice
  • Application fee of $10.00 (exclusive of GST) shall be payable.
  • Once P.O. Box is available, application fee will be deducted from the Service Fee.

How to apply / renew PO Box rental in Singapore?

Apply through Singpost Office

You can apply for service at any Post Office by submitting a completed application form.

  • You can download the application form.
  • Fill out the application form or bring it to any post office.
  • Select the required type of service
  • If you are applying as a corporate, the applicant must be the authorized officer.
  • Enter the name and details of the company
  • If you are applying as an individual, enter the applicant name and details of the applicant
  • Make the payment through cash, NETS or cheque.

Apply online via SAM (Kiosk) Web – Apply Online

  1. Sign up or Login to your SAM account on SAM Web.
  2. Under Payments, go to Postal Services > P.O. Box Application or Renewal
  3. Follow the instructions and click “Submit”.

Payment can be made via eNETS Debit or GIRO On Demand*.

An existing GIRO On Demand account with SAM is needed for this payment method

Documents required

  • Registration Certificate No (attach a copy of the latest Business Registration Certificate for verification)
  • NRIC/ Passport

Application fee: $10.70

How to rent a PO Box in Singapore?

  • When renting a PO Box in Singapore, only need to complete an application form, which you can download online.
  • To rent a PO box in Singapore, a customer will need to download a copy of the Application Form, fill up the particulars
  • Submit it to any post office near them.
  • Payment can then be made via cash, cheque, or NETS.

How to rent a larger / bigger PO Box in Singapore, Where it is available and Cost?

Customers can rent a large P.O. Box at

Cost / Fee: $350.00 per year


  • Download the application form
  • Fill it and select Large size

What are the type of service in PO Box Rental?

  • PO BOX (Standard or Large size)
  • Locked Bag

For more details, visit

Location Group Service Fee Per Annum
High Demand S$200
Low Demand S$150

How to choose a PO Box number and cost?

To get the preferred PO Box number, check the details below

Choice of P.O. BOX Number One-time Fee
Golden Number From $588
Choice Number (Customer’s preferred no. not under SingPost Golden no. list) $100

Note: If your P.O. Box is full, or your mail is oversized and unable to fit into your P.O. Box, your mail will be forwarded to the nearest post office for self-collection. A collection advice will be left in your P.O. Box with the details on where and when to collect your mail. For any such mail that remains uncollected after 10 working days, or Speedpost document/parcel that remains uncollected after 5 working days, SingPost reserves the right to return the item to the sender or destroy the item if there is no return address.

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