How to Report MOM SG for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)? Offence, About SnapSAFE

How to report unsafe workplace to MOM?

Use SnapSAFE to report any problems in workplace / Safety issues

SnapSAFE is a platform where you can report any unsafe workplace to MOM.

Use of SnapSAFE:

  • Report if any workers are not working safely
  • If you spot a hazardous worksite or equipment
  • If there is no protection on any equipment / material

Who can report to MOM for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)?

  • All the public / worker / co-worker can report using SnapSAFE / MOM / your concerned person

How to Report MOM?

Step1: Visit the website

Visit the SnapSAFE

Step2: Upload the photos

  • Upload the photos for the evidence if you have. This is the mandatory requirement. So you need to upload the photo

Step3: Description 

  • Enter the Description of the incident
  • Describe the incident in detail

Step4: Location

Enter the Location of the incident

Step5: Name

  • Enter the Company / contractor / Workplace name if available

Step6: Date & Time

  • Enter the Date and time of the incident

Step7: Contact details

  • Enter the contact details

Step8: Identification 

Enter the identification details:

What are the fines / penalties for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Offence?

Minimum of $1000 to $2000 and maximum of $10000 to $20000

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