How to start the Salon Shop in Singapore: Procedure, Documents required, Cost, What type of License to obtain?

Procedure to start salon shop in Singapore

  • Create a business plan: Your salon’s vision, target market, marketing strategy, staffing requirements, and financial predictions should all be included in your business plan. It will also assist you in obtaining funds and making critical business decisions.
  • Register your business: Make your salon a legal entity with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). You’ll also need to secure the appropriate licenses or permissions from the Singapore Police Force’s Licencing Division, such as a salon license.
  • Determine the amount of money you’ll need to establish your salon and acquire financing from investors, banks, or other sources. You could also look into government grants or loans like the Enterprise Financing Scheme or the Startup SG Loan.
  • Select a location: When selecting a location for your salon, consider factors such as foot traffic, accessibility, and competition. You should also consider the cost of rent or lease.
  • Hire qualified staff, such as hairdressers, beauticians, and receptionists, to assist you in running your salon. Check if they have the requisite licenses and certifications from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.
  • Purchase equipment and supplies, such as styling chairs, shampoo bowls, hair dryers, scissors, and hair products.
  • Create a marketing plan to promote your salon via social media, advertising, and other means. To attract new customers, consider offering promos or discounts.

Types of License

The Singapore Police Force’s Licencing Division will need you to get a salon license. The salon license is granted in accordance with the Public Entertainment and Meetings Act.

  • A hairdressing salon license is required if you provide hairdressing services such as haircuts, style, and coloring.
  • A beauty salon license is required if you provide beauty treatments such as facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.
  • Massage establishment license: If you provide massage services such as foot reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine massage, or aromatherapy massage, you must have this type of license.
  • Tattooing and piercing establishment license: If you provide tattooing or body piercing services, you must have this type of license.

Documents Required

  • Completed application form: You can obtain the application form from the Singapore Police Force’s Licensing Division or download it from their website
  • Identification documents: A copy of your NRIC or passport is required.
  • Proof of ownership or tenancy agreement: You must produce paperwork proving that you own the property or have a valid tenancy agreement.
  • Personnel information: You must give information about all salon employees, including their names, NRIC numbers, and qualifications.
  • Certificates of fitness: All salon employees must pass a medical examination and get a certificate of fitness from a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Qualification certifications: All employees who will provide hairdressing, beauty, or massage services must have the necessary qualifications, such as diplomas or certificates.
  • Floor plan of the salon: You must offer a thorough floor plan of the salon, including the layout of the premises, treatment room locations, and equipment installation.

Cost of starting a salon shop in Singapore

  • Hairdressing salon license: S$230 for two years or S$460 for four years.
  • Beauty salon licenses cost S$230 for two years and S$460 for four years.
  • Massage establishment licenses cost S$465 for two years and S$930 for four years.
  • Tattoo and piercing establishment licenses cost S$465 for two years and S$930 for four years.

What types of certificate need to open a salon?

To obtain a trade license from the local administration before starting the firm.

How to get a business license in Singapore?

To apply for licenses and permits, to ensure that your business is registered with the registrar of companies via the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

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