List of Mosque in Singapore

List of Mosque in Singapore

Prayer Time in Singapore: Timing from January to December 2023, What is Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Types of Prayer, How many prayer times?

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Islamic Religious Council (MUIS) of Singapore, Braddell Rd Customercare address, phone, email: Social Service Agencies in Singapore

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List of Mosque in Singapore?
Masjid Darul AmanJln Eunos1 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419493
Sallim Mattar Mattar Rd1 Mattar Rd, Masjid Sallim Matter, Singapore 387725
Masjid Al-ImanBukit Panjang Ring Rd10 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, Singapore 679943Monday to Thursday, 8:30?am-5:30?pm, Friday, Closed, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30?am-12:30?pm
SGH Surau10 College Rd10 College Rd, Singapore 169851
Masjid Omar Kampong MelakaKeng Cheow St10 Keng Cheow St, Singapore 059607Monday to Sunday, 12-9?pm
Musollah @PLQPaya Lebar Rd10 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409057
Masjid Yusof IshakWoodlands Dr10 Woodlands Dr 17, Singapore 737740Monday to Sunday, 5-7?am, 12-9?pm
Masjid Hang JebatJln Hang Jebat100 Jln Hang Jebat, Singapore 139520Monday to Sunday, 9?am-10?pm
Masjid Al-FirdausJln Ibadat11 Jln Ibadat, Singapore 698955Monday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
Masjid Pusara AmanLim Chu Kang Rd11 Lim Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 719452Monday to Sunday, 5:30?am-9:45?pm
Masjid Al-TaquaJln Bilal11A Jln Bilal, Singapore 468862
Masjid En-NaeemTampines Rd120 Tampines Rd, Singapore 535136Monday to Friday, 9?am-5?pm, Saturday, 9?am-1?pm, Sunday, Closed
Masjid KhalidJoo Chiat Rd130 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427727
Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim Jln. Ulu Seletar15 Jln. Ulu Seletar, Singapore 769227Monday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
Masjid Al-AnsarBedok North Ave155 Bedok North Ave 1, Singapore 469751
Masjid Al-AbrarTelok Ayer St192 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068635Monday to Friday, 12-8:45?pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Surau Ghim MohGhim Moh Rd2 Ghim Moh Rd, Singapore 270002
Masjid Haji YusoffHillside Dr2 Hillside Dr, Singapore 548920
Masjid Ba'alwieLewis Rd2 Lewis Rd, Singapore 258590Monday to Sunday, 10?am-9?pm
Masjid AhmadLor Sarhad2 Lor Sarhad, Singapore 119173Monday to Sunday, 12-9?pm
Masjid Al-IstighfarPasir Ris Walk2 Pasir Ris Walk, Singapore 518239Monday to Sunday, 5?am-10?pm
Masjid Al-IstiqamahSerangoon North Ave2 Serangoon North Ave. 2, Singapore 555876Monday to Friday, 8:30?am-5?pm, Saturday, 8:30?am-1?pm, Sunday, Closed
Musollah Prayer HallPasir Panjang Rd20 East Basement, 10 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 117438Monday to Sunday, 8?am-9?pm
Masjid MaarofJurong West Street20 Jurong West Street 26, Singapore 648125Monday to Thursday, 9?am-6?pm, Friday, 9?am-12?pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10?am-2?pm
Masjid Alkaff Kampung MelayuBedok Reservoir Rd200 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 479221Monday to Thursday, 8:30?am-6?pm, Friday, 8:30?am-5:30?pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Jamae (Chulia)South Bridge Rd218 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058767Monday to Sunday, 1-9?pm
Masjid Al-FalahBideford Rd22 Bideford Rd, Singapore 229923Monday to Sunday, 9?am-9?pm
Masjid Haji Mohd SallehGeylang Rd245 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389304
Angullia Serangoon Rd265 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218099Monday to Sunday, 5-7?am, 11?am-9?pm
Masjid Al MukmininJurong East Street 271 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609603Monday to Friday, 9?am-5?pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Muhajirin Braddell Rd275 Braddell Rd, Singapore 579704Monday to Sunday, 5:30?am-10?pm
Sultan MosqueMuscat St3 Muscat St, Singapore 198833Monday to Sunday, 10?am-9?pm
Masjid Ar-RaudhahBukit Batok East Ave30 Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Singapore 659919Monday to Saturday, 8:30?am-6?pm, Sunday, 8:30?am-12:30?pm
Masjid Al Abdul RazakJln Ismail30 Jln Ismail, Singapore 419285Monday to Sunday, 5-7?am, 9?am-9?pm
Masjid Al-IslahPunggol Fld30 Punggol Fld, Singapore 828812Monday to Saturday, 9?am-1?pm, 2-7?pm, Sunday, 9?am-3?pm
Prayer Room Raffles Ave30 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039803
Masjid Temenggong Daeng IbrahimTelok Blangah Rd30 Telok Blangah Rd, Singapore 098827Monday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
Masjid DarussalamCommonwealth Ave3002 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore 129579Monday to Sunday, 5:15?am-9:30?pm
Muslim Prayer hallKaki Bukit Ave31 Kaki Bukit Ave 3, Singapore 415916
Jamiyah Islamic CentreGeylang31 Lor 12 Geylang, Singapore 399006Monday to Thursday, 9?am-6:30?pm, Friday, 9?am-6?pm, Saturday, 9?am-1?pm, Sunday, Closed
Masjid Al-HudaJln Haji Alias34 Jln Haji Alias, Singapore 268534Monday to Sunday, 5:30-7?am, 12:30-9?pm
Haji Muhammad Salleh MosquePalmer Rd37 Palmer Rd, Singapore 079424Monday to Thursday, 10?am-6?pm, Friday, 2:30-6:30?pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9?am-12?pm
Dawoodi Bohra Hill St39 Hill St, Masjid, Singapore 179364
Masjid Al-BurhaniHill St39 Hill St, Singapore 179364Monday to Sunday, 9?am-9?pm
Masjid Hussain SulaimanPasir Panjang Rd394 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118730Monday to Thursday, 8:30?am-1?pm, 2-5:30?pm, Friday, 8:30?am-12?pm, 2:30-5:30?pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Hajjah Fatimah Beach Rd4001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199584
Abdul Gafoor Dunlop St41 Dunlop St, Singapore 209369Monday to Friday, 1-9?pm, Saturday, 9?am-1?pm, Sunday, Closed
Masjid Omar SalmahJln Mashhor411 Jln Mashhor, Singapore 299173Monday to Sunday, 5:30?am-10?pm
Masjid KassimChangi Rd450 Changi Rd, Singapore 419877Monday to Friday, 10?am-5?pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Masjid Kampung SiglapMarine Parade Rd451 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449283Monday to Sunday, 5?am-10?pm
Masjid Tasek UtaraBristol Rd46 Bristol Rd, Masjid Tasek Utara, Singapore 219852
Masjid MalabarVictoria St471 Victoria St, Singapore 198370Monday to Sunday, 5?am-9?pm
Masjid HasanahTeban Gardens Rd492 Teban Gardens Rd, Singapore 608878
Masjid Darul GhufranTampines Ave 503 Tampines Ave 5, Singapore 529651
Masjid BencoolenBencoolen St51 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189630
Masjid Al-MuttaqinAng Mo Kio Ave 5140 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore 569844Monday to Sunday, 4:30?am-10?pm
Masjid AssyakirinYung An Rd550 Yung An Rd, Singapore 618617Monday to Sunday, 5:30?am-9?pm
Masjid KhadijahGeylang Rd583 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389522
Masjid MujahidinStirling Rd590 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148952Monday to Saturday, 10?am-5?pm, Sunday, 9?am-3?pm
Masjid An-NurAdmiralty Rd6 Admiralty Rd, Singapore 739983Monday to Sunday, 5:30?am-10:30?pm
Masjid Jamiyah Ar-RabitahTiong Bahru Rd601 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 158787Monday to Sunday, 6?am-9?pm
NTU Men Muslim MusollahNanyang Dr65 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 637460
Masjid Alkaff Upper SerangoonPheng Geck Ave66 Pheng Geck Ave, Singapore 348261Monday to Friday, 9?am-6?pm, Saturday, 9?am-1?pm, Sunday, Closed
Masjid Darul MakmurChatsworth Rd7 Chatsworth Rd, Singapore 249761
Marina One Masjid (Surau)Straits View7 Straits View, B2 Marina One, Singapore 018936
Masjid Hajjah Rahimabi Kebun LimauKim Keat Rd76 Kim Keat Rd, Singapore 328835Monday to Sunday, 12-9?pm
Masjid Moulana Mohamed AliRaffles Pl80 Raffles Pl, #B1-01 I UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624Monday to Friday, 12:30-8:30?pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Masjid Darul MakmurYishun Ave950 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore 769099Monday to Saturday, 8:30?am-5:30?pm, Sunday, 8:30?am-2:30?pm
Masjid An-NahdhahBishan Street9A Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579786Monday to Friday, 9?am-6?pm, Saturday, 9?am-1?pm, Sunday, Closed
Masjid Abdul Aleem SiddiqueLor K Telok KurauNo. 90 Lor K Telok Kurau, Singapore 425723Monday to Sunday, Open 24 hours

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