Manga Library in City Square Mall Singapore, Hours, How to Access, Cost, Membership, How to join?

What is the first self-service manga library in Singapore?

Singapore’s first self-service manga library by National Library Board (NLB), sizable selection of over 5,000 graphic novels and manga comics.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10am-10pm

Mr Kiasu robot and NLB First Grab-N-Go Library in a Mall

The National Library Board (NLB) will launch a library of Japanese graphic books and comics popularly known as manga, in a fully self-service “Grab-n-Go” library at a mall. patrons can check out this pop-up Manga Library at Level 4 of City Square Mall, and also have fun with a Mr Kiasu robot onsite that can offer book recommendations, guide them in using Grab-n-Go, among other services

How to get access

  • To enter the library
  • Scan ID card (e.g. NRIC, driver’s license)
  • e-Card in the NLB app.
  • In phone you can also use barcode in your Singpass app

Service of Mr Kiasu robot

  • Mr. Kiasu, a robot concierge, who can recommend books
  • It instruct visitors on how to use the Grab-n-Go system
  • Mr. Kiasu serves as the inspiration for the robot

How many Manga titles in National Library Board are available?

Manga fans can now access more than 5,000 titles at the National Library Board’s (NLB) first manga library, a six-month pop-up in City Square Mall.

The library has popular titles such as Spy x Family, Dragon Ball Z, Assassin’s Creed: Blade Of Shao Jun and Pokemon Adventures (Red, Green and Blue).

Grab-n-Go in Manga library:

The National Library Board (NLB) first-ever manga “Grab-n-Go” library in a mall. Filled to the brim with Japanese comics and manga, it is a rare opportunity to borrow both popular and rarer manga works.

How to use High-tech ‘Grab-n-Go’ system

  1. To borrow comics from the pop-up store
  2. Select the books
  3. Scanning your NRIC or NLB eCard
  4. Displayed on a screen during checkout
  5. Receive a confirmation email
  6. Maximum of eight books can be borrowed at a time.

Manga Fantasy Stories

Magical powers, unnatural creatures, or other unreal elements or it can’t  explained by science are prevalent and normal to the setting they exist in. Fantasy stories, If majority of the cast has magical or supernatural powers.

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