Mastercard Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Types of Cards, Offers/Promotions, Benefits

Mastercard Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Types of Cards, Offers/Promotions, Benefits

What is MasterCard / how it work?

Mastercard – A Global Technology Company in The Payments Industry We connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits people, businesses and governments worldwide by making transactions safe, simple and accessible.

Phone: 800-1100-113

Types of Card

  1. Credit cards:
  2. Debit Card
  3. Prepaid Card

Credit cards offer exceptional benefits, rewards, services and spending power that can help make your financial and personal

  • Standard Mastercard
  • Platinum Debit Mastercard
  • World Mastercard
  • World Elite Mastercard

How to report Lost or stolen card?

To report Call 800-1100-113 within Singapore.

Offers and Benefits of Mastercard

How to apply for a Mastercard?

Mastercard has created an online tool to help you find a card here and assist in making decisions about which card products are available.

Mastercard Benefits

Mastercard combines comprehensive travel and lifestyle benefits, Peace of mind for cardholders whether at home, travelling abroad or making everyday purchases.

Mastercard provides many different card benefits, features and insurance that vary depending on the specific card

Difference between an acquirer and a payment facilitator:

A payment facilitator is a merchant of record who facilitates transactions on behalf of a sub-merchant. An acquirer is the bank or financial institution that processes credit and/or debit payments for a merchant.

What is an interchange rate?

  • Interchange rates are fees paid by acquirers to card issuers on purchase transactions conducted on payment cards.
  • They are only one of many cost components included in a Merchant Discount Rate.
  • Mastercard establishes its interchange rates, necessary and efficient method by which Mastercard maintains a vibrant payments network.

What is chip card?

A chip card is like a traditional magnetic stripe card, an embedded microchip which encrypts your information, making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited.

swiping your chip card, you insert the chip end into the terminal to complete the transaction. card may also have contactless capabilities, so you can simply tap it at checkout when given the option.

Benefits of the chip:

It provides robust security features and other capabilities that are not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is virtually impossible to counterfeit.

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