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Merchants Fleet in, Singapore Address, Phone, Email, Website, Hours, Social Media

Address: Corporate Headquarters, 14 Central Park Drive, First Floor, Hooksett, NH 03106

Phone: Sales Inquiries: 8559770128

Client Services, Maintenance & Driver Support: 8778704999

Employment Verifications: 6032186835


Opening hours:


Location: View Google direction here.

Merchants Fleet

Greece owned the biggest share of the global merchant fleet, about 17.6 percent. China ranked second with a share of some 11.6 percent. At the beginning of 2020, there were around 55,000 ships in the world’s merchant fleet.

Ownership in Merchants Fleet

Founded in 1962, Merchants Fleet has over $2 billion in assets under management and 175,000 managed commercial fleet units across North America. The company has a unique business model focused on forward-thinking technology solutions, innovative fleet services, and the proactive adoption of electric vehicles.

Vehicle Fleet Leasing vs. Owning

Leasing Owning
Only Pay for the Portion of the Vehicle You Use Pay for the Entire Cost of the Vehicle by Financing or in Cash
Lower Vehicle Acquisition Costs Requires Significant Capital to Acquire Vehicles
Monthly Payment is Matched to Vehicle’s Market Depreciation Monthly Payment is Not Typically Tied to Market Depreciation
Flexible Leasing Terms Inflexible Purchasing Terms
Short-Term Leasing Allows Temporary Scaling to Meet Peak/Seasonal Demands Under-Utilized Vehicles Are Retained for Longer Periods and Can Be Difficult to Dispose
Save on Fuel and Maintenance Costs Establish Equity
More Cash Flow Flexibility More Budgeting and Forecasting Costs
More Control Over Vehicle Cycling for Lower Non-Preventive Maintenance Expenses Longer Lifecycles, Which Can Increase Non-Preventive Maintenance Costs
Cost-Effective, Simple Way to Upgrade to Newer Models Vehicles Are Cycled Less Often Because of High Investment Costs
Lessor Takes Care of Vehicle Disposal Owner Must Arrange for Vehicle Disposal
More Control Over Vehicle Selection and Standardization More Vehicle Variety, Resulting in Less Streamlined Operations


Merchants Fleet company acts as your Fleet Tech partner, connecting you with the client service, technology platforms, and products your fleet needs in a way that delivers the highest value possible. We’re proud to develop, deliver, and manage best-in-class fleet solutions, all while using a collaborative approach so our clients get exactly what they need, when they need it.

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