Mount Faber Peak Singapore

Mount Faber Peak is one of the oldest parks in Singapore Contact details, address, and Attractions

Address: 109 Mount Faber Rd, Singapore 099203

Contact Number: +65 6377 9688

Direction: View direction here

What’s inside Mount Faber Peak

  • The park on top of Mount Faber, Singapore’s second-highest hill, formerly known as Telok Blangah Hill, is named Mount Faber Park in honor of Captain Charles Edward Faber, born in July 1845.
  • The 0.8 km trail of Mount Faber, also known as Mount Walk, meanders over the mountainous terrain and offers a breathtaking view of Singapore’s southern islands and the entire region.
  • From atop a cable car, you can enjoy a stunning nighttime perspective of the city. After an exhilarating trip, you may unwind in the dining area at the other end of the cable car station on Faber Peak.
  • For environmentalists, Mount Faber Park is a popular tourist attraction in Singapore that offers a variety of scenic areas to discover and appreciate the area’s untamed flora and fauna.

Attraction in Mount Faber Peak Singapore

1. Tour of the Southern Waterfront

  • From the vantage points along the Southern Waterfront, Mount Faber welcomes nature enthusiasts and casual visitors to take in the mesmerizing natural splendor.
  • The most well-liked tourist destinations in Mount Faber include the Southern Islands, Singapore’s Central Business District, and HDB Estates with the best walking paths.

2. observing birds in the Southern Ridge

  • More than 43 different bird species can be seen in the rainforest area along the Southern Ridge’s slopes, making it a haven for bird lovers.
  • Join a bird-watching tour to witness the uncommon bird species in the woodlands of Forest Walk and Singing Forest.

3. Guided tours and heritage trails

  • Take a guided walk from the park to the Southern Ridge if you’re curious to learn more about Mount Faber Park’s natural history.
  • Your guide will help you discover the area’s distinctive corners and learn about its local history, so it will be worth your time and money.

4. Cable car ride

  • The cable car stops multiple times throughout the route, giving you access to some of the nicest locations. On the route to Mount Faber Park, you will have the opportunity to photograph nature at its best.

5. Baby merlion

  • The Merlion is known as the “baby merilon” since it is a little smaller than the other Merlions that can be seen all across Singapore.

6. Pose for a family photo on the Happy Steps

  • The stairs aren’t just any old stairs; you may recognize them from a few pictures. They are Instagram-worthy stairs. Make sure your phone is fully charged before taking a family photo. They are sometimes referred to as “Rainbow Steps” and come in a range of colors.

7. Take a Hilltop walk

  • Faber Point might provide a view of Keppel Harbour. While the views of the ocean are lovely, remember to look the other way as well.
  • From Mount Faber Park, you may also get a spectacular view of Singapore’s urban setting.

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