NETS FlashPay Card Singapore: Where to use?, How to register, top up, set auto top up, validity, How to find the expiry

NETS prepaid card Singapore

New Update 2024:

From 19 January to 18 July 2024, NETS FlashPay cardholders can visit any SimplyGo Ticket Offices to exchange for a NETS Prepaid Card.

NETS FlashPay Card Singapore Address, Phone number, Benefits, How to Top up, Buy, Cost?


NETS Group is a leading payments services group comprising three entities – NETS, Banking Computer Services (BCS) and NETS Solutions. We empower consumers, merchants and banks to enjoy and deliver digital payments across the entire payments value chain.

NETS Main Office Address: 351 Braddell Road #01-03, Singapore 579713

Hours: Mondays – Fridays 8:30am to 5:30pm

NETS Customer Service Hotline

Call: (65) 6274 1212

(65) 6229 7200

Hours: 24 hours (Mondays – Sundays)

For queries email:

For Reception contact: (65) 6272 0533 / (65) 6229 7201

Hours: Mondays -Fridays 8:30am to 5:30pm
closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holiday

Benefits of NETS FlashPay Card

  • One card for all daily needs
  • NETS FlashPay card to start paying for shopping, food, bus and MRT rides
  • Top-ups easily through the NETS App
  • Maintain your card balance effortlessly

Where to use NETS FlashPay Card in Singapore?

Customers can use NETS FlashPay Card in the following ways

How to register for auto-top up the NETS FlashPay Card?

Through website

  1. Click here to register for Auto Top-Up (ATU) by Credit/Debit Card.
  2. Enter the name, NRIC / FIN  number, Email, Mobile number, address
  3. Enter the credit / debit card details
  4. Enter the Flashpay details: 16 digit CAN number (Can be found at the backside of the card)
  5. Select the auto top up amount
  6. Click Submit to complete
  7. An activation code will be sent to you via SMS, and an email within 2 days upon successful registration.
  8. Complete the activation process by bringing your NETS FlashPay Card and activation code to any TransitLink Ticket Office within 7 days.
  9. If the Credit/Debit Card you registered for Auto Top-Up has expired, please update your new Credit/Debit Card’s expiry details here.
NETS Flashpay card auto top up registration
NETS Flashpay card auto top up registration

Through app

  1. Download the app
  2. Select ‘Auto Top-Up’ on the dashboard
  3. Select ‘Register Auto Top-Up’ and complete the above said process for “Set auto top up through website
  4. An activation code will be sent to you via SMS, and an email within 2 days upon successful registration
  5. Select ‘Auto Top-Up’ on the home screen followed by ‘Activate Auto Top-Up’
  6. Enter the 6-digit ATU activation code and select ‘Activate’

How to top up the NETS FlashPay Card?

To top up NETS FlashPay Card

Download NETS App on Google play / App Store


Where to top up NETS FlashPay Card Singapore?

*Service fee applicable

What is the validity / expiry of NETS FlashPay Card Singapore?

Validity: 7 years

What is the storage value in NETS FlashPay Card?

  • The maximum storage S$500 in NETS FlashPay Card.

How to check the expiry date of NETS FlashPay Card Singapore?

  • You can also find the expiry date on your top-up receipt or statement print receipt from the NETS Self Service Station and Top-Up Machine.

What should you do if  NETS FlashPay Card is lost / stolen?

  • The NETS FlashPay Card is deemed non-retrievable once misplaced and there will be no refund for any lost or stolen NETS FlashPay Cards.

How many NETS FlashPay Card(s) can be registered with a credit/debit card for Auto Top-Up?

  • Register up to five (5) NETS FlashPay Cards with a single credit/debit card for Auto Top-Up.


Does NETS card be used for MRT?

Use contactless NETS Bank Cards for MRT and bus rides

If Nets Flash pay what can use ?

NETS FlashPay is a contactless payment, that can be used for everyday payments such as for food, groceries, transport

What are the banks are using NETS in Singapore?

DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB.

Can you get your remaining balance from NETS Flashpay card to NETS prepaid card?

Yes, the remaining amount will be refunded automatically.

How to link your NETS Prepaid card?

NETS prepaid card can be linked via NETS app

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