Ninjavan Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Email, Hours, How to track

Ninjavan Courier Service, Singapore Address, Phone number, Email, Hours, Website

Address: 3 Kay Siang Rd, Singapore 248923

Customer support hotline: +65 6602 8271

Email to Shipper parcel issues:

For Consignee parcel issues:

Media enquiries:

Shipper support:

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am-7pm


Map: View location here

Services Available

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • International Deliveries
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Fulfilment & Warehousing
  • Become a Retail Partner

How to track my parcel from Ninja Van?

Tracking ID:

  • It is a unique identification number assigned to a parcel, which helps to make order tracking very simple and convenient.

Find my Tracking ID

  • The seller will be able to provide you the Tracking ID, it can be found upon the order confirmation email or notification.
  • The tracking ID should indicate that the delivery partner is Ninja Van SG.

What does parcel status mean

  • Ninja Van utilizes a variety of delivery statuses to track parcel.
  • Order Created
  • Ninja Van Warehouse
  • Parcel is being processed at Ninja Van Warehouse, Ninja Van Sorting Facility
  • Successfully Delivered

How to return my parcel through Ninjavan Singapore?

  1. The shipper to inform them that to return your parcel.
  2. To provide their process and schedule a return pickup order with Ninja Van.
  3. Once you have informed your shipper, please ensure that the parcel is in it’s original packaging for pickup.
  4. Ninja Van driver will make the pickup on the date set by your shipper.
  5. Drop off return parcel at a Ninja Point instead of waiting for a pickup.
  6. Once a return order has been made for pickup, kindly get in touch with shipper to retrieve the Return Tracking ID.
  7. It has picked up the parcel from its return journey using the Return Tracking ID on the Tracking page

How to track / Trace Parcel from Ninjavan Singapore?

  • Domestic Tracking
  • International Tracking

For international tracking of parcel please visit here

What are the shippers across SEA?


Is there a membership/subscription fee?

No, there are no membership / subscription fees at all Ninja Rewards is free for every Ninja Van shipper.

What are rewards get?

Ninja Exclusive Perks, Partner Perks and redeemable rewards for every tier.

How to know which accounts are already under the Ninja Rewards programme?

To have indicated all your accounts during registration, the points earned from all these accounts will be automatically combined.

For points or account enquiries, feel free to email

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