Paynow Singapore, How to register / change? Features and Benefits, App

What is PayNow?

PayNow offers an enhanced funds transfer experience that enables retail customers of the participating banks and NFIs to send and receive Singapore Dollar funds from one bank or e-wallet account to another in Singapore through FAST by using just their mobile number, Singapore NRIC/FIN, or Virtual Payment Address (VPA). The sender no longer needs to know the recipient’s bank/e-wallet provider and account number when transferring money via PayNow.

What are the Features and Benefits​?

  • Mobile no link your to PayNow
  • Send and receive funds instantly into PayNow-linked bank account
  • No need to remember bank account numbers
  • NRIC/FIN link to PayNow
  • Faster payouts from Businesses and Government
  • Selected initiatives only
  • No need to register again if you change your mobile number

How to Register Paynow with DBS?

To register for Paynow in digibank or by sending us an SMS
For register please visit here

Digibank app

  • Digibank and log in
  • Tap on <Pay & Transfer>
  • Click <PayNow>
  • Tap on <Your Profile>
  • Enter your Register Mobile No.
  • Enter your preferred nickname and account that will link with your PayNow
  • Review information and tap on <Register Now>

Digibank online

  • Log in to online banking
  • Go to ‘Transfer -To PayNow (Mobile Number, NRIC or UEN)’
  • Click on ‘My Registrations’
  • Click on ‘Register my Mobile Number’ or ‘Register my NRIC / FIN’

Register via SMS

SMS Banking services, Send an SMS in the following formats to register.

Register your NRIC with PayNow

SMS to 77767

PayNow<space>register<space>NRIC<space>your preferred bank account

last 4 digits<space>your preferred name to 77767

Register your mobile number with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 PayNow<space>register<space>mobile<space>your preferred bank account

last 4 digits<space>your preferred name to 77767

How to apply for PayNow through DBS app?

How to make PayNow QR codes for payments?

To make payments using your bank’s mobile banking app for PayNow QR codes and SG QR codes with the PayNow logo.

  1. Log in to your bank’s mobile banking app.
  2. Scan the QR code using your bank’s app.
  3. Enter the amount to pay if it’s not generated, then confirm the transfer.

You can make payments either by scanning or uploading the QR code from their device.

  • The simplicity of PayNow includes:
  • Pre-filled payment amount and reference code for easy reconciliation
  • Instant authorization for faster check-out
  • Available across all devices
  • No credit card is required to make purchases
  • Pay securely 24/7 across Singapore

Note: Accepting PayNow today with a 0.8% transaction fee.

PayNow – DuitNow

Customers of Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NFIs) in Singapore and Malaysia participating in the linkage

  1. 24/7 and leverages existing mobile banking/payments applications
  2. Fast
  3. Safe
  4. More transparent and cost-effective

How to change my PayNow transfer limit?

To change PayNow transfer limit instantly through

For Digibank mobile:

  • Log in to digibank app.
  • Transfer Settings, tap on Local Transfer Limit
  • Tap To Other Banks and change your limit accordingly

For Digibank online:

  • Log in to digibank online
  • Complete authentication process
  • select More Transfer Services
  • Recipients and Transfers, select Change Local Transfer Limit
  • Select Other local bank account and change

Is there a minimum age requirement for PayNow registration?

No, there is no minimum age.

What is the limit (daily) for PayNow in Singapore?



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