Preston Corporation (Book Store) Shaw Rd in Singapore Address, Phone number, Email, Hours, Available books, How to Order?

Preston Corporation (Book Store) Shaw Rd in Singapore Address, Phone number, Email, Hours, How to Order, reach by Bus/MRT?

Address: 30 Shaw Rd #05-01/02 Roche Building, Singapore 367957

Phone: 62826721

Fax: 62853453



Location: View Google direction here.

How to reach Preston Corporation in Singapore By Bus / MRT / Taxi?

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Manga books available here

What is Manga? Why Manga is popular in Singapore? 

This engaging media has established itself and developed in Singapore, captivating a broad audience. This article examines the core of manga, its appeal worldwide, and its popularity in Singapore. Manga, a type of Japanese comic art, has captivated readers of all ages and socioeconomic levels and has become a global cultural phenomenon.

Is Manga Books available at Preston Corporation in Singapore?

Yes, it is available

What are the Amenities available in Preston Corporation?

  • English Grammer Books
  • English Language Courses
  • Grammer Reference Books
  • Dictionaries
  • English Reference Books
  • Introducing Grammer
  • English Comprehension
  • Composition Writing
  • General Titles
  • Malay Guides
  • CookBooks

How to order Preston Corporation in Singapore?

Prices at CookBooks

English edition (14cm x 21.5cm)

Delicious Dishes without Meat S$7.90
Malaysian Hi-tea Delights S$7.90
Popular Cakes & Kuih S$7.90
Tasty & Healthy cooking S$7.90
Tasty Cooking without Meat S$7.90
Tasty Malaysian Dishes S$7.90
The Best of Singapore Cooking S$7.90

English edition (19cm x 26.5cm)

Crunchy & Crispy Biscuits S$11.90
Delicious Family Recipes S$11.90
Delicious Local Cakes & Kuih S$11.90
Fine & Tasty Cakes S$11.90
Home Meals & Snacks S$11.90
Hot & Spicy Dishes S$11.90
Popular Malaysian Cakes & Kuih by Celebrated Chefs S$29.90
Yummy Cakes S$11.90

Chinese edition (14cm x 21.5cm)

Selected Crunchy & Crispy Biscuits S$7.90
Selected Delicious Cakes S$7.90

Mode of Payment


We specialize in publishing English Language books for well over 50 years. The books are mainly for Asian students, to whom English is a compulsory language taught in all schools. Writers of our publications are educationists, lecturers in institutions, and teachers specializing in TESL/TESOL and lexicographers.


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