Pulau Ubin Vehicle Scheme Singapore: What is it?, How to register / de-register, Eligibility, Fees, Documents required, How to convert to PU Scheme?

What is Pulau Ubin Vehicle Scheme?

The Pulau Ubin Vehicle Scheme is a set of regulations implemented by the Singaporean government to control the use of motor vehicles on the small island of Pulau Ubin. Pulau Ubin is located off the northeastern coast of Singapore and is a popular destination for tourists and locals seeking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

Under the Pulau Ubin Vehicle Scheme, only certain types of vehicles are allowed on the island, and they must be registered with the National Parks Board (NParks) and display a valid vehicle decal.

The Pulau Ubin Vehicle Scheme has been in place since 2003 and has contributed to the conservation of the island’s unique natural environment and cultural heritage.

The following types of vehicles are permitted on the island:

  1. Bicycles
  2. Trishaws
  3. Personal mobility devices (PMDs) and power-assisted bicycles (PABs)
  4. Motorized vehicles with a valid permit, including motorcycles, vans, and lorries used for authorized purposes, such as carrying goods or transporting visitors with disabilities.

What is the eligibility?

The PU Scheme exclusively permits private usage of vehicles on Pulau Ubin’s roadways. The following are the requirements for registering or converting PU vehicles:

Ownership Requirements

Applicants for the scheme must be:

  • a person who has lived in Pulau Ubin for at least six months;
  • An authorized manager of recreational and resort properties in Pulau Ubin

Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles that will be registered under the PU Programme must be, subject to LTA approval:

  • Imported and brand new; or
  • Imported and used but less than 3 years of age*; or
  • Currently registered in Singapore, if switching from another scheme.

Technical Requirements

Vehicles must:

  • possess a maximum loaded weight of 3 tonnes or less;
  • possess the ability to comply with Singapore’s safety, emission, and registration regulations;
  • Adhere to the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Construction, and Usage), Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Lighting), and Seat Belt Regulations; and
  • Before registration or conversion may take place, you must pass an inspection at an LTA-Authorized Inspection Center.

Document Required

A duly completed Application to Register the PU Vehicle Form

  • The National Park Boards must sign off on the document for authorized resort and recreational facility operators (NPB)
  • The Pulau Ubin Police Station must endorse the form for non-residents.
  • Application for Registration & Licensing of a Motor Vehicle, properly filled out (R01 Form)

The following document is required for conversion:

  • a properly filled out application for a PU vehicle (R14 Form)

The following documents are required for registration/conversion:

Vehicle owner’s identification documents:

For individual owners:

  • Employment/Immigration pass card or original2 NRIC (for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs)) (for foreigners).

For companies:

  • A printed copy of the company’s business profile from the Accounting & Corporate Regulation Authorities (ACRA). The validity of this printout is 14 days from the date of issuance;
  • the authorized individual from the company’s original2 NRIC or employment/immigration pass card3 (for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents); and
  • If the authorized person of the company is not named in the ACRA printout, the original authorization letter must be signed by a manager or higher.

For organizations

  • a replica of a certificate from the Registrar of Societies or another pertinent regulatory body: and
  • Original2 NRIC of the authorized person from the organization or Employment/Immigration pass card3 (for foreigners or Singaporeans with PR status).

Original Motor Insurance Cover Note or Certificate of Insurance

Original Vehicle Inspection Certificate.

What are the fees?

For registration/conversion, the following fees must be paid to LTA by NETS or SGQR PayNow:

  • Certificate of Entitlement (COE): Exempted
  • Registration Fee: $350
  • Additional Registration Fee (ARF): Exempted
  • Road Tax: The uniform road tax expiration date for all PU cars is January 31 of each year. For each type of vehicle, the applicable road tax is as follows: Motorcycles $25, Cars and other types of vehicles $50.

What is the validity/lifespan?

  • Vehicles for hauling goods that are registered under the PU Program are also subject to a 20-year legal lifespan.

How to convert to PU Scheme?

  • A vehicle registration number will be given to the vehicle after a successful registration. Within seven days of registration, the registered owner must make sure that the vehicle’s number plates—which feature white text on a green background—are attached and sealed at an LTA-authorized inspection center.
  • The registered owner of converted cars is responsible for seeing that the license plates are sealed at an LTA-authorized inspection facility within three days following the conversion.
  • Prior to renewing their annual road tax, PU vehicles must pass a seal examination of their number plates.

The procedure for Annual Inspection

Before their road tax may be renewed, PU vehicles must pass their statutory periodic inspection. The following is the frequency of such inspections:

Before the road tax expires each year, a site check will be carried out. Vehicles that need to be inspected every two years must be towed or brought to an LTA-authorized inspection facility.

What is the condition of Usage?

  • Unless specifically authorized by LTA, all PU vehicles are only to be used for private purposes on Pulau Ubin’s roads. The registered owner of the PU vehicle will be liable for paying the full ARF and COE if this stipulation is broken. This COE period will start on the date the PU vehicle is registered or converted. The registered owner may also be prohibited from registering a vehicle under the PU Program in the future.
  • On PU vehicles, a General Licence (also known as a trade plate) cannot be used to travel on mainland public roads. If the PU vehicle needs to be transferred for inspection, repair, scrap, etc., it must be towed or transported.

The procedure of Ownership Transfer

  • The transfer of a PU vehicle is only permitted to those who qualify for the program. The standard vehicle transfer process will be used.

What is the non-conversion vehicle?

  • PU vehicles cannot be converted to other vehicle schemes (e.g. Normal Vehicle Scheme, Off-Peak Car Scheme, Classic Vehicle Scheme).

Insurance Coverage

  • A minimum of third-party liability for fatalities and bodily harm resulting from the operation of the vehicle and encompassing the entire road tax period.

The procedure of Deregistration of Vehicle

If a PU vehicle is deregistered, the owner has one month to dispose of the vehicle and provide satisfactory proof of disposal to LTA. There are three methods for getting rid of the car.

  • Scrap the vehicle at an LTA-appointed scrapyard
  • Keep the car in an LTA-approved export processing zone for the time being.
  • Export the vehicle

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