Singapore will begin allowing passport-free travel from Changi Airport in 2024.

Singapore name board decoration at Changi Airport

Can you travel without passport to Singapore?

Changi Airport in Singapore will soon implement a revolutionary change in its immigration standards, expected to improve passenger convenience and streamline travel processes.

Some travelers will have the option to leave from Changi Airport without the need for a conventional passport as part of a broad revision of the city-state’s immigration procedures. This program will be in place for the first part of 2024 if reports are to be believed.

Speaking to the legislature about this, Communications Minister Josephine Teo revealed that the key to this progressive change will be the broad use of biometrics for authentication at numerous automated checkpoints along the departure process. The first bag drop, immigration screening, and last-minute boarding will occur at these checkpoints.

Teo added that the main goal of these modifications is to lighten the load on travelers by eliminating the requirement for them to continually display their travel credentials at these crucial intersections. This action aims to give travelers a smoother and more convenient journey.

The timing of these adjustments is consistent with the upbeat prediction that travel to Singapore, a major international financial center, is set to return to pre-pandemic levels by the following year, with a steady increase anticipated after that.

Singapore is currently developing its aviation infrastructure by building its fifth airport terminal to help accommodate this uptick in travel. Furthermore, the eagerly anticipated high-speed rail link between Singapore and Johor, the southernmost state of Malaysia, is almost finished, providing enhanced connectivity and cross-border movement.

Minister Teo emphasized the significance of changing immigration systems to effectively manage the projected spike in traveler volumes while ensuring strong security precautions are in place.

In addition to being the busiest airport in the world, Changi Airport also saw the passage of 5.12 million passengers in June, marking an important milestone as it did so for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in January 2020.

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