Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA): Eligibility, Required documents, How to register?

Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA) for Foreign Individuals

What is Singpass Foreign User Account?

A Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA) is a Singpass account that allows foreign users to transact with selected government and private sector digital services in Singapore.

This includes accessing digital services for personal and corporate tax matters in myTax Portal.

For Individual Tax Matters, you have to apply for the SFA with IRAS. The account will be terminated if no action is taken.

For Business tax matters will be automatically issued a SFA by Corppass when you  register a Corppass user account. In this case, not need to apply for a SFA with IRAS.

Eligible to apply

Foreign individuals who do not have a Singapore Government-issued ID will be eligible to apply for a SFA with IRAS, if you need to transact with us digitally for Individual and/or Property Tax matters.

  • Singaporeans/Singapore PR Singapore citizenship/ Permanent Residence
  • Fin Holders
  • Foreigners an existing IRAS Tax reference no
  • For more information on Singpass eligibility

Documents required

  • National ID
  • Identification document with photo
  • Passport (validity of 6 months)
  • Email ID
  • Existing tax reference number in order to proceed with the application.

How to Apply / Register for SFA?

  • Complete the Application for Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA for IRAS) form here
  • Receive an email from Singpass with the subject “Registration of Singpass Account (Foreign Users)”
  • Link to portal to retrieve the ePin, System generated SFA ID
  • Enter your SFA ID in the link provided.
  • Validity period of 30 days to activate, Link to download Singpass App, Encrypted PDF file containing the ePin
  • Used via Singpass App.
  • Validity of 15 mins.
  • Use the ePin to perform onboarding in Singpass App and set up your password accordingly.
  • SFA via Singpass App is ready

Singpass Foreign user Account SFA

How to apply / register for CorpPass?: Eligibility, Procedure, Documents required

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