Stamp Duty Singapore: Buying/Selling Property? Know the Stamp Duty Rate

Stamp Duty Certificate Singapore

What is Stamp Duty Singapore? How to buy/sell a property? Calculate the stamp duty amount using calculator

Things you can do stamp duty for

  • Lease/Tenancy
  • Buy/Residential / non Residential property
  • Ordinary shares transfer
  • Sell Residential / Industrial Property
  • Mortgage

Can Singapore PR / Foreigner buy a property in Singapore?

Yes, they can buy.

Buy Residential Property Calculator

  1. Visit
  2. Select any one from Individual buyer / Couple / Company
  3. Enter the purchase details
  4. Select whether you are Singapore citizen / PR / Foreigner
  5. If you are not a citizen, please select the nationality
  6. Select the type of property

Stamp Duty Calculator

Example calculation using Stamp Duty Calculator for buying property for Singapore Citizen, PR, Foreigner

Individual buyer/Married Couple

Property value: SG$45,000/-

Value for 1 property

Type Stamp Duty Amount
Singapore Citizen $450
PR $2700/-
Foreigner $27450/-
  • For PR, you need to pay the stamp duty amount of $2700/-
  • For Singapore Citizen, the value of $450 must be paid as a stamp duty amount
  • Foreigner needs to pay $27,450/- as a stamp duty amount

Stamp Duty amount payable for Singapore Citizen

For Singapore PR

For Foreigner

Seller Stamp Duty Singapore Rates in Singapore

For up to 1 year, you need to pay 12 % and for above 1 to 2 years, the rate is 8%. Finally for 2 to 3 years the rate is 4% and no Seller stamp duty (SSD) rate for more than 3 years

e stamping iras Singapore

Login IRAS using SingPass for e stamping through to acquire the following services

  • Your document can be e-stamped
  • Pay ASD (additional stamp duty)
  • Stamp certificate can be received
  • Refund request can be done
  • Get Adjudication / appeal

How can a foreigner in Singapore access the IRAS / e-Stamping portal?

Do you really need SingPass to access IRAS e-stamp website?

Those who are a foreigner who has not SingPass account, they should apply for Singpass Foreign User Account (SFA) and access the e stamp portal. Otherwise they can get the landlord/agent help on behalf of them.

Where to e-Stamp your document in Singapore Post Office?

Currently three post offices are doing e-stamp work. They are:

How to check and Download Stamp Certificate?

    1. Login IRAS
    2. Select Stamp Duty
    3. Under the menu “Records”, scroll and select “Search Records / Cases
    4. Enter the required details
    5. Now click Download to get the certificate

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