Swapaholic Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, How to return?

Swapaholic Singapore Address, Phone number, Email, Hours, Website, Social Media

Swapaholic is a clothing & accessory swap that helps declutter & refresh your closet

Address: 02-04A The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Email: hello@swapaholic.com

Website: swapaholic.com

Location: View location here


Swapaholic is a registered social enterprise on a mission to empower fashion enthusiasts to transform their approach to mindless fashion consumption. Through our online, retail, and event services, we enable individuals to SWAP, SELL & BUY preloved fashion within their community, all without compromising on style, affordability, or the well-being of our planet.

How to return items not fit or suit?

Swapaholic does not offer returns at this point. re-swap in items that you no longer use as long as they pass our quality check again.

How long is my Swap Shop Plan valid for?

Swap Shop Plans are valid for 6 months. Further, you can swap out as many times as you fancy within your 6 month Plan & Point validity period.

How to re-swap items that get from Swapaholic?

Items can be re-swapped provided you pay the corresponding service fee and the items pass our Swap Police’s Quality Checks again.

So take good care of your swappables.

How does swapping work?

  • SWAP IN items from your closet and pay a service fee
  • EARN POINTS for each of your items
  • SWAP OUT items from Online or Swap Shop using your points

How to pay a registration/membership fee?

Registration fee is a service fee that supports the hard-working Swap Squad as they ensure that your second-hand experience is second to none conduct stringent quality checks, handle each of your items to find them a new home and meticulously manage the giant closet filled with all your items

How it Works Buy / Swap preloved fashion?


  • Browse through thousands of preloved items.
  • Make a secure purchase based on the dollar value of the product
  • Order your item to your home or to our Swap Shop


  • Register and pay online to skip the queues. Select an item PICK UP or DROP OFF at this stage.
  • Choose items you want to SWAP IN from your closet and bring them down.
  • System will auto generate points for each of your items which will be credited to your account.
  • Browse through items in the Swap Shop and use your Points to swap

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