Top 10 help desk software in Singapore

Help Desk software serves as a one-stop-shop for dealing with a wide range of issues, incidents, and general inquiries. The greatest help desk software is able to combine multiple actionable things into a single platform while remaining simple to use for employees or people who will be using the product.


Because our ERP system has unlimited user licenses, it may be utilized by anyone in your organization at no additional cost. Our development team is constantly improving the ready-made software we deliver. Our software, on the other hand, maybe customized to match the specific needs of each of our clients. Incoming calls, emails, and tickets may all be managed from one central location.

Features of HASHMICRO

1. Ticket Prioritization and Tracking

2. Management of Email and Phone

3. Ticketing System

4. Support via live chat

5 CRM Management

2. Trengo

The omnichannel communication platform that brings all of your message channels together in one place. Make it simple for customers to communicate. Create workflows to automatically assign discussions to the appropriate team, add labels, send automated replies, or create your own service level agreements (SLAs). It provides 14- day free trial.

Features of Trengo

1. Email

2. Chatbots

3. Remote working

4. Conversion API

5. Ticket management system

3. Moobidesk

Moobidesk is a user-friendly modern helpdesk that enables everyone to achieve targeted business goals and increase sales more quickly and easily than ever before.

Following are the features:

1. You may choose the finest communication channels for your business needs and reply to those inquiries from a single interface with this client interaction platform.

2. Moobidesk analyses incoming messages and provides the best responses to your agents automatically.

3. The Moobidesk bot engages and serves the consumer intelligently.

4. The first agent to respond to a new conversation can claim ownership of it, ensuring that the customer does not get messages from numerous agents.

5. Because the world of customer service is complicated, we make it as easy as possible for you to customize the system to your individual needs.

6. Get a quick overview of the volume of your conversations and the number of new clients you’ve acquired throughout the day.

4. A2000

A2000’s help desk software is an all-in-one platform that includes a ticketing system that allows users to respond to a variety of questions with the same software. A set of rules could be entered into the help desk software to serve as a guide for employees on how to respond to specific types of complaints or queries. However, the major value that A2000 places a premium on is client satisfaction, which means doing everything possible to meet the needs of their customers.

Following are the features :

1.Enterprise Resource planning
2. Cloud ERP mobile Business Suite
3. e-commerce Business solution
4. Accounting software

5. Topdesk

TOPdesk is a communication-enhancing ITIL-aligned service management software with KPI dashboards for IT, facilities management, and HR help desks. TOPdesk offers capabilities including change and releases management, facility management, asset management, problem and incident management, a self-service portal, operations control, knowledge management, and more to assist firms to improve their service management.

Following are the features:

1. API

2. Access Controls/Permissions

3. Active Directory Integration

4.  Activity Dashboard

5. CRM

6.  Calendar Management

7.  Calibration Management

8. Chat/Messaging

9. Customizable Forms

10. Audit Trail

6. Kayako

Kayako’s help desk software is meant to help businesses build personal relationships with their consumers. The help desk software has an easy-to-use interface that streamlines the communication process by allowing users to examine any unseen chats, unhappy teams or deal with irate clients all on one platform. It provides 14 days free trial.

Following are the features:

1. Real-time conversation.

2. Help Center Activities

3. Intelligent Search Suggestions

4. Message Status

5. Automation, Macros, and SLA

6. Live Chat

7. Integration

7. Kapture

Kapture’s help desk software comes with a variety of capabilities and requires little to no customization, regardless of the client’s business. Ticketing services, chatbots, and client information management are some of the functions featured in the help desk software. Because the support desk software is cloud-based, it can be set up quickly without sacrificing efficiency.

Following are the features:

1. Field force automation

2. To improve efficiency across teams, use APIs and SDKs to integrate all of your internal platforms with Kapture.

3. Provide product and customer support.

4. KMS (knowledge management system)

5. Reporting and analytics

6. Order management.

7. Payment and collections


9. Mobile CRM

10. LMS (learning management system)

8. Ivanti

Employee-focused Ivanti support desk software reduces stress for both clients and employees. This is accomplished by offering help desk software that collects and manages all of the relevant data in one place, allowing for faster response times. The help desk software is not just restricted to customer service duties; it also serves as a managerial tool for executives, allowing for decision-making and the creation of reports.

Following are the features:

1. Device control

2. Desktop and server management

3. endpoint security

4. Workspace control

5. Voice

6. Automation

9. Master Concept

Master Concept is a multi-award-winning cloud consulting firm dedicated to improving recognized businesses’ customer experiences through cutting-edge technology and cloud consulting services. We have staff all around Asia-Pacific to help customers in a variety of industries with expert Cloud strategies, technical support, and professional training.

Following are the features:

1. Cloud Migration

2. Remote office

3. Security protection

4. Managed cloud service

10. Win-Pro Consultancy 

Apart from Singapore, Win-Pro Consultancy has offices in various locations, including two in Malaysia, and has been providing solutions for the information technology sector for more than a quarter of a century. The company offers a variety of services, including the best help desk software, hosting and integration services, and hosting. Win-Pro Consultancy is more than just a service provider; it also sells IT hardware and software to better serve their clients’ needs.

Win-Pro Consultancy is regarded as one of the greatest help desk solution providers, with clients attesting to the company’s high standards. The establishment exemplifies the ideas of what customer service should be, demonstrating that the brand is more than just a help desk software solution supplier with empty beliefs, but also a doer.

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