Tower Transit Singapore Bus Service 189: Bus route from Bukit Batok Int to Clementi Ave 1

Bus Service 189 (Route) from Bukit Batok Int to Clementi Ave 1, Singapore

Tower Transit Singapore Bus Service 189/ Route 189 starts from Jurong East Int – Science Park RD and vice versa.

Bus service: 189 First Bus Last Bus
Weekdays 05:45 01:10
Saturdays 05:45 01:10
Sundays & Public Holidays 05:45 01:10


Period 05:45-09:57 9:57-13:51 13:51-18:38 18:38-23:15 23:15-01:10
Frequency 6-10mins 11-15mins 6-10mins 11-15mins 16-20mins


Period 5:45-09:57 08:09-09:59 9:59-12:23 12:23-17:24 17:24-23:15
Frequency 11-15mins 6-10mins 11-15mins 6-10mins 11-15mins

Sundays and Public Holidays

Period 5:45-12:11 12:11-17:27 9:59-12:23
Frequency 11-15mins 6-10mins 11-15mins

Bukit Batok Int to Clementi Ave 1, Singapore Bus route and stop

Check the below table for the places where the Tower Transit Singapore Bus service 189 stops

Bus Stop Name Stop Number Street
Bt Batok Int 43009 Bt Batok Ctrl
Blk 225 43701
Opp Blk 102 43389 Bt Batok Ave 1
Opp Bt Batok Swim Cplx 43519
Bt Batok East Ave 6
Bt View Sec Sch 43599
Blk 291E 43509 Bt Batok St 23
Opp SBST Bt Batok Depot 43219
Opp Midview Bldg 43319
Burgundy Hill 42319
Bt Batok East Ave 3
Express PIE
Opp LogisHub @ Clementi 12209 Clementi Ave 6
Blk 304 17379
Blk 317 17189
C’wealth Ave West
Clementi Stn Exit B 17179
Opp Blk 460 17259 Clementi Ave 2
Express AYE
NUS High Sch 17191 Clementi Rd
Opp Nan Hua High Sch 16991 Clementi Ave 1
Opp Blk 420A 16891
Blk 455 17161
Clementi Ave West
Clementi Stn Exit A 17171
Opp Blk 317 17181
Blk 201 17371 Clementi Ave 6
LogisHub @ Clementi 12201
Express PIE
Opp Burgundy Hill 42311
Bt Batok East Ave 3
Midview Bldg 43311 Bt Batok St 23
SBST Bt Batok Depot 43211
Opp Blk 291E 43501
Opp Bt View Sec Sch 43591
Bt Batok East Ave 6
Bt Batok Swim Cplx 43511
Blk 102 43381 Bt Batok Ave 1
Blk 644 43709 Bt Batok Ctrl
Bt Batok Int 43009

Tower Transit Singapore Customer care

Feedback / Lost & Found Hotline: +651800-248-0950 (Call with in the time mentioned below)

Hours: 7:30am – 1am


Tower Transit official website:

List of Tower Transit Singapore Bus Routes / Services

View the List of Tower Transit Singapore Bus Routes / Services in Singapore address, phone number, email and website through the above link.

How to report the lost / missed item to Tower Transit Singapore?

  1. You can fill the online form here
  2. Enter the name, email, contact number, EZlink Card Number
  3. Enter the date and time of the lost item
  4. Select the bus service number
  5. Enter the item you lost
  6. Enter the boarded point and destination point
  7. Mention where you left the item like “under the seat / seat / front door / back door”


How to contact Tower Transit Singapore?

Tower Transit Singapore: 1800-248-0950

How many employees does Tower Transit Singapore have?

1,250 buses, employing nearly 4,000

How many routes does Tower Transit have?

Tower Transit Singapore operates 30 bus routes under the Bulim Bus Package & 27 bus routes under the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package.

Is there a general feedback hotline?

If you have any feedback Customer Officers at 1800-248-0950, between 7:30am to 8pm daily.

Are durians allowed on the bus?

For the comfort of other passengers, please refrain from bringing durians on board public buses.

What if I lost my item on the bus?

To report it at our General Hotline at 1800-248-0950 from 7:30am to 1am daily

Can I bring my open stroller on the bus?

Yes, open strollers will be allowed on all public buses.

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