UnionPay Card Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Benefits/Service, Rewards, Offers

UnionPay Card Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Benefits/Service, Rewards, Offers


UnionPay International UPI is a wholly owned subsidiary of China UnionPay. UPI is a bankcard association established under the approval of the State Council and the People’s Bank of China, and has become a central and pivotal part of China’s bankcard industry. In partnership with more than 2500 institutions worldwide, UPI has enabled card acceptance in 181 countries and regions with issuance in 77 countries and regions

Phone: For Business Cooperation: 65-63291111

Email: singaporebd@unionpayintl.com

Fax: 65-65383353

Types of UnionPay Card

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit card
  3. Local Unionpay card
  4. Prepaid Card
  5. Commercial Card
  6. Premium Card
  7. Theme Card
Debit Card Credit Card
  • UnionPay Debit card is ,when you travel abroad, or purchase online from around the world, directly from your own bank accounts.
  • The UnionPay debit card is a great alternative to carrying cash or checks.
  • It includes both PIN-based debit cards and signature-based debit cards. PIN-based debit cards support functions such as ATM access, POS purchases, Ecommerce, PCT and tax refund; while Signature-based debit cards also support payment functions such as CNP transactions like MO/TO, recurring transactions and pre-authorization.
  • UnionPay has the largest PIN cardholders can be confident of the security of their money when using PIN verification with a UnionPay debit card.
  • UnionPay Credit Card to travel abroad, or to purchase online from around the world.
  • The UnionPay Credit Card is a credit line product with the added functionality of Purchase Now and Pay  on cardholders
  • The Credit Card product can be used both online and offline, including ATM access, POS purchases, pre-Authorization, MO/TO, recurring transactions, in-flight commerce, tax refunds, ecommerce and more.
  • Cardholders can choose either PIN or signature as their authentication method at the time of payment, both flexibility and security.
  • UnionPay premium credit card products provide privileges and comprehensive protection

What are Services and Benefits?

  • UnionPay Card Emergency Service
  • Cross-border Remittance
  • UnionPay tax refund
  • Study Abroad Service
  • U Rewards
  • Installment service
  • Chinese Visa Application Express Service

What Type of cards be used on UnionPay network abroad?

  • To check if overseas acceptance service has been activated for their cards by calling UnionPay customer service center (95516) or the customer service center of the issuing bank.
  • All cards with UnionPay logo are acceptable overseas, including debit card, credit card and semi-credit card.


What should do if UnionPay card for withdrawal at ATMs abroad when the deduction is done with no cash receiving?

Cardholders may contact the issuing bank for the transaction cancellation, and the issuing bank will contact the local bank to which the ATM belongs via UnionPay system. once confirmed, the refund will be returned to cardholder’s bank account.

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