VoLTE Voice calls: How to make a voice calls, VoLTE supported device, procedure to enable voice calls

VoLTE Voice calls

How to make a voice calls, VoLTE supported device, procedure to enable voice calls?

What is VoLTE?

Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE)

VoLTE technology use 4G network to make the voice calls. VoLTE has up to three times more voice and data capacity than older 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM. It uses less bandwidth because VoLTE’s packet headers are smaller than those of unoptimized VoIP/LTE. VoLTE call charges are same like normal calls. SIMBA mobile network is built using the 4G technology which means calls can only be made using VoLTE. VoLTE provides you with

  • better voice quality,
  • faster call setup and
  • the ability to be connected at 4G speed even as you call.

SIMBA-VoLTE Supported Devices

iPhone 7 VIVO Y1S OPPO A5
iPhone 7 Plus VIVO Y19 OPPO A12
iPhone 8 VIVO Y20 OPPO A15s
iPhone 8 Plus VIVO Y50 Realme 6i
iPhone X VIVO V17 PRO Realme 5i
iPhone XR VIVO S1 PRO Realme C11
iPhone XS VIVO X50 PRO Reno (All RENO Series except first generation unless software update supports it)
iPhone 11 (All series)
iPhone 12 (All series)
iPhone SE 2020
Samsung Galaxy S8 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A20 Huawei Nova 3i Mi Max 3
Samsung Galaxy S9 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A30 Huawei Nova 5T Mi Mix 2/3 (NOTE: mix and max are different series)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A30s Huawei Nova 7 Mi Note 10 (All Series)
Samsung Galaxy S20 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A31 Huawei Mate 30(All Series) Mi 6/7/8/9/10/11 (All series)
Samsung Galaxy S21 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A42 Huawei Mate 20 (All Series) Mi A1/A2/A3
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Galaxy A50 Huawei Mate 40 Pro Redmi 5/6/7/8/9/10 (All Series)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Samsung Galaxy A51 Huawei P20 Pro Redmi Note 5/6/7/8/9/10 (All Series)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A52 Huawei P30 (All Series) POCO phone (All Series)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (All Series) Samsung Galaxy A70 Huawei P40 (All Series) OTHERS
Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP / FOLD Samsung Galaxy A71 Honor 10 Lite Lenovo A7
Samsung Galaxy A10 Samsung Galaxy A72 Honor 20 Pro Energizer E241S
Samsung Galaxy A10s Samsung Galaxy A80 Honor 9X Energizer H620S
Samsung Galaxy A11 Honor 8X ZTE Red Magic
Samsung Galaxy A12 Huawei Y9S Google Pixel 4XL

Procedure to enable VoLTE through SIMBA for apple (iPhone/iPad, Mac) and android  (Samsung/Huawei /Realme/Vivo) devices?

For Apple Device

  1. Tap Settings
  2. In General tab Software Update to install the latest iOS
  3. Check whether your device has connected to SIMBA network and configured with SIMBA APN setting
  4. Proceed to Settings
  5. Tab Mobile Data
  6. Tab Mobile Data Options
  7. Tab  Voice & Data
  8. Select LTE or 4G and enable VoLTE
  9. To make a call

For Android Device

  1. Check whether your device has connected to SIMBA network and configured with SIMBA APN setting
  2. Proceed to Settings
  3. Tab Mobile Data Options
  4. Click enable VoLTE
  5. To make a call

How to make VoLTE calls in SIMBA?

Generally, the VoLTE supported handsets will show VOLTE near the signal bar to indicate that it is enabled. Once the VoLTE indicator is displayed near the signal bar, go to the phone dial pad and dial the number which you want to reach.

For Xiaomi 

  • Use the specific *#*#86583#*#* code
  • To disable the carrier check setting (enable VoLTE)

For iPhone

Most of the iPhone from iPhone 7 and above. The default iPhone setting stays VOLTE OFF and enable manually via VoLTE toggle

  1. Tab Settings
  2. Click Mobile Data
  3. Select Mobile Data Options
  4. Set VoLTE to ON

Download SIMBA Voice App For Apple (iPhone / iPad,) and Android (Google play store)


Note: If your Android device does not have Google Play Store, then download the APK file: Simba Voice-v1.2.8.apk



In April 2022, the Singapore operations were rebranded from TPG to SIMBA Telecom, in reference to Singapore’s ‘Lion City’ nickname. Formerly known as TPG Telecom Pte Ltd, SIMBA Telecom is the primary business entity of Tuas Limited (ASX:TUA). SIMBA Super Roam is the latest plan which provides subscribers with 80GB of local data and up to 10GB of free-roaming data to 57 destinations in List A of TPG’s roaming destinations, along with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling at only S$25 for 30 days. It will be available exclusively online.

List of SIMBA (TPG) Telecom Service Centers in Singapore

View the list of SIMBA (TPG) Telecom Service Centers in Singapore through the above link.

SIMBA (TPG) Telecom Singapore Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email


1.How to enable VoLTE calling?

  • Find and tap Settings – Network & Internet
  • click Mobile network
  • Choose network type 4G (preferred)/3G/GSM.

2.What is VoLTE voice call?

  • VoLTE stands for Voice over Long-Term Evolution / Voice over LTE.
  • VoLTE offers to voice call via the LTE/4G mobile network.

3.Are VoLTE calls safe?

VoLTE/VoNR , VoLTE for the sake of avoiding alphanumeric jumbles to encrypts voice data sent between phone and network using a stream cipher. it was shown to be vulnerable to a reused key attack. To develop the ReVoLTE attack, which exposes encrypted LTE calls

4.What are the difference between LTE and VoLTE call?

  1. LTE supports data only. This technology is purely data-based, which means that it is not designed to handle calls and other types of services.
  2. VOLTE, can be used for both calls and data by combining the capabilities of 2G GPRS networks with 3G or 4G LTE networks.

5.If VoLTE improve call quality?

VoLTE is a technology that makes calls get better voice quality. It enables the use of speech and data simultaneously.

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